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Lower Silesia - What is Worth Seeing?

Lower Silesia - What is Worth Seeing?

Lower Silesia is worth exploring! Discover the most interesting regions - Wrocław, the Karkonosze Mountains, Kłodzko Land, Wałbrzych Land, Owl Mountains, and Ząbkowice Land. What is worth seeing here?

Lower Silesia - tourist attractions

Lower Silesian Voivodeship is one of those regions of Poland that can be discussed endlessly. Its location, architecture, and culture make it truly unique and attractive in many ways. Lower Silesia is a real treasure trove of tourist attractions, definitely ranking among the top regions most frequently visited by tourists. It is no wonder because if we start to closely look at the attractions of this region, we discover something completely new every time. Here you can find a true wealth of cultural and natural heritage. After all, it is in Lower Silesia that the legendary Gold Train was sought. It attracted international media attention and sparked the enthusiasm of treasure hunters.

Here you will see castles, palaces, spas, unique underground tourist routes, and a whole lot of fascinating stories and legends. Remember one thing - you cannot explore Lower Silesia in just one day. We are sure that even a whole week would not be enough to discover all its attractions. Therefore, it is worth returning here to discover new places, and there is really much to discover! Mountain hiking enthusiasts have many trails to traverse and several peaks to conquer, including Śnieżka, Ślęża Mountain, and Szczeliniec.

Meanwhile, for tourists who appreciate monuments and learning about local history, real architectural gems await: the Palace in Ząbkowice Śląskie or Książ Castle. It is worth visiting to find out what secrets the ruins of castles hold and who lives in the old, abandoned mines...

Wrocław - why is it worth visiting?

The largest city in Lower Silesia is Wrocław – the capital of the voivodeship. Besides well-known historical sites of the city, such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist or the beautiful Tumski Bridge located in the Wrocław Old Town, Wrocław also conceals a multitude of small buildings, houses, structures, and tenement houses, and the proximity of the Oder River adds a unique atmosphere to this place.

Attractions in Wrocław worth seeing

Wrocław also offers many tourist attractions, such as Wrocław Zoo, Hydropolis, the History Meeting House, and Headquarters. There are also many interesting museums and places where you can organize birthdays. If you want to discover all the most popular attractions in Wrocław, be sure to read this article.

Kolejkowo Wrocław

Kolejkowo is a wonderful miniature world. Here you'll find iconic places of Wrocław and Lower Silesia scaled down 25 times. Thousands of little inhabitants lead their, not always peaceful, lives. A collision, a date, a fleeing thief, construction, a concert, or a funfair. All this amid moving trains, trams, and cars. In Kolejkowo, a day lasts 9 minutes and a night 4 minutes.

After dusk, lights turn on in the buildings, the Unfinished Parking displays an all-night animation telling a story, rain falls from storm clouds onto the model, and the exhibit and its miniature residents reveal their second face. The exhibit is multisensory; besides great views, visitors hear the sounds of the city, the countryside, or a storm, and individual scenes come to life with interactive buttons.

GoJump Wrocław


GOjump is the largest trampoline park in Poland, filled with attractions such as trampolines, Poland's first digital attraction where you collect points in the GOjump Heroes ranking, foam pits, dodgeball and basketball zones, and exciting slides. After a great time, you can drop by the cozy GOcafe, where delicious treats await you. Unforgettable fun awaits you in the huge hall at ul. Jana Długosza 59-75 in Wrocław.

Where can you find us? ul. Jana Długosza 59-75

Headquarters - Laser Tag Center

kwatera główna

The attractions for children in Wrocław are endless! Everyone who wants to experience some wild adventures is invited to laser wars in the center of Wrocław! For lovers of extreme experiences, Headquarters awaits with excitement, adrenaline, and competition. It's the only place in Wrocław where you can play laser paintball! Games are held in specially prepared basements of the building located at Sienkiewicza Street 8a, next to the Botanical Garden and near Ostrów Tumski.

Before starting the game, participants receive Zoltar equipment: rifles emitting an infrared beam and special vests with sensors. The advantage of laser paintball is that the game is painless and safe, and the system used excludes the possibility of any cheating. Both individual clients of nearly any age and organized groups can participate.

Wrocław Mine - Vacation Zone

kopalnia wrocław

Summer? Sun? Make good use of it! Come to the Sports and Recreation Place near Wrocław - Wrocław Mine, a true Vacation Zone! Here you'll find three beaches surrounded by greenery in the NATURA 2000 area. Attractions waiting for you include: FLYBOARD, WATER PARK, SUP BOARDS, KAYAKS, PLAYGROUND, STREET WORKOUT, VOLLEYBALL COURTS, and many other interesting activities. Within the complex, you'll find Beach Bars with drinks, Food Trucks with food, and GRILLS that you can use for free (providing your own charcoal and food).

Every vacation Sunday will be enlivened by a DJ. Here the fun never ends! If you are coming by car, you can easily park on site, and if you are in a camper, you can use the available Camper Park, where you can freely connect to electricity and water and even stay for the entire vacation. Where can you find us?

Wrocław Mine - Vacation Zone Paniowice, ul. Odrzańska 11

World Cinema Museum - Movie Gate

movie gate

Movie Gate is located in a real, perfectly preserved wartime bunker, which already speaks to its uniqueness. Inside, 6 meters underground and spanning 536 square meters, there are 50 rooms. Some of these are filled with a collection of unique props, costumes, and set pieces from major film productions such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Gladiator, and X-Men. The exhibition is constantly changing!

ZOO Team

zoo team wroclaw

Have you ever felt the touch of a tarantula on your skin? Or perhaps you've always wanted to touch a boa snake? At ZOO TEAM, you can see and handle many exotic animals, including boa and python snakes, as well as various types of amphibians - large and small lizards: monitors, agamas, geckos, and chameleons. There are also tarantula spiders and scorpions.

The exhibit features over 100 animals such as spiders, lizards, snakes, turtles, millipedes, iguanas, geckos, centipedes, and praying mantises. Here, you can not only touch them but also learn how to raise them in home conditions.

Bungee Wrocław

bungee wroc

This is the option for the brave who are looking for the most intense experiences in Wrocław! The only professional bungee jumping from a tower crane at 70 meters awaits you at Wróblewskiego Street 9! Top-quality equipment and instructor supervision will help you overcome fear and experience an unforgettable adventure.

You can jump individually or in tandem, and there is also the possibility to document this moment with photos or video. Once you reach the platform, you'll be greeted with a view over the entire city of Wrocław. Take a deep breath and... jump!

Przystań Złotniki - Rafting Trips in Wrocław

spływy Wrocław

The trips start from Jarnołtów Marina on the right bank of the Bystrzyca. Boarding the large rafts, prepare for scenic views and relaxation surrounded by forest. The entire stretch is navigable without the need to carry the raft, and the trip lasts from 60 to 80 minutes, depending on the paddling pace and water conditions. The trip ends in Leśnica, and from there, staff will take you back to Ratyn.

A walk through the most interesting part of the Bystrzyca Valley Landscape Park ends at the same place where we started the rafting. Along the banks of the Bystrzyca, it's possible to light a barbecue or have a picnic - sounds like a great plan for a weekend with a group of friends or family, doesn't it?

Botanical Garden

ogród botaniczny wrocław

What else to visit in Wrocław? The Botanical Garden of the University of Wrocław is a place where you can find a moment of respite and relaxation amidst the greenery in Wrocław. It impresses visitors with its rich collection of plants that changes with the seasons. It is worth seeing the collections of plants from Africa and Mexico, aquariums, and other unique tropical plants. The garden is an attractive place for admiring the beauty of nature, education, and relaxation, especially during interesting outdoor events.

Arboretum Wojsławice

ARBORETUM Wojsławice

The Arboretum Wojsławice, a botanical garden of the University of Wrocław, charms visitors at any time of the year. Over 60 hectares, you can admire more than 15,000 species and varieties of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Among them are the largest collection of daylilies in Europe and unique collections of rhododendrons, peonies, and hydrangeas. Numerous cultural events, picnic spots, gazebos, and a playground await visitors. Where can you find us? Niemcza, Wojsławice 2, Phone: 71-322-59-57

Sky Bowling

sky bowling

Sky Bowling is a modern bowling alley that offers great fun on 24 state-of-the-art lanes, tournaments with prizes, and a well-stocked bar. It is the perfect place for an outing with family or friends, but also for organizing birthdays, corporate events, or school trips. You can find the bowling alley in the Sky Tower - the tallest building in Wrocław, which also houses the Sky Tower observation deck.

Kłodzko Land, Kłodzko Valley - discover tourist attractions worth visiting

Lower Silesia is full of attractions. Here you will discover unique tourist regions: Kłodzko Land, the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, the Karkonosze Mountains, the Owl Mountains, and the Izera Mountains. It is worth learning about the history and attractions of these places. Entering the Kłodzko Land region, you will surely be impressed. Here you will find various tourist attractions - famous mines and caves, castles, palaces.

The adventure in Kłodzko Land is endless! Unique, atmospheric towns such as Kłodzko, Kudowa-Zdrój, Radków, Polanica-Zdrój, Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Stronie Śląskie, and many others. These are cities that you simply must visit to experience the charms of Kłodzko Land. What can you do in Kłodzko Land? Literally everything! You will find mountain peaks, national parks, beautiful cycling routes, museums, amusement parks, rafting trips, and much, much more.

Kłodzko - What to See? Discover the City's Attractions

Kłodzko - miasta Dolnego Śląska

Where to spend a weekend in Lower Silesia? Kłodzko, located in the picturesque Kłodzko Valley by the Nysa Kłodzka river, is one of the oldest towns in the region. It captivates with its magnificent architecture, unmatched history, and unique atmosphere. Dominating the town is the Kłodzko Fortress. This fortress, inherently linked to the tumultuous history of the town, draws crowds to its underground passages. Recognized as a historical monument, it is open to tourists offering unforgettable adventures through narrow tunnels, stories of prisoners and soldiers, and mysterious dark riddles. From the observation tower, one can see a magnificent panorama of the Kłodzko Land.

Visiting Kłodzko, it is essential to explore the underground. An interesting route showcases the life of the residents of these lands and the history of this extraordinary place. It's worth taking a closer look at the townhouses, sculptures, and other objects in the Market Square. The Town Hall is the central building of the Market. It has three floors and a stylistically diverse appearance. Its façades are richly decorated with numerous stone details. In front of the town hall, there is a well adorned with a figure of a lion in a crown supported by four dolphins. The well was built in the 16th century but acquired its current shape in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Tourists will certainly appreciate the townhouses – Art Nouveau or richly decorated in Baroque style, with unique ornaments on the façades. The bridge over the Młynówka is often compared to the Charles Bridge in Prague. It's not about the size, for it is small, but beautiful, appreciated by tourists, very atmospheric, and frequently photographed. St. John's Bridge is thrown over the Młynówka, connecting the Sand Island with the historic center of Kłodzko. It's worth exploring Lower Silesian attractions.

Bystrzyca Kłodzka – Tourist Attractions Worth Seeing

Bystrzyca Kłodzka - miasta Dolnego Śląska

The historical richness of Lower Silesia is evident in its towns, architecture, and unique monuments, which are especially worth visiting in the summer. In Bystrzyca Kłodzka, a picturesque town, you can see remnants of medieval fortifications. But that's not all!

We invite you to visit this charming town and other localities full of tourist attractions. What is worth seeing in Bystrzyca Kłodzka? Definitely the city walls with the Water Gate and the Kłodzko Bastion, as well as the Knight's Bastion, converted into a belfry. An interesting tourist attraction, as befits a medieval town, are the Bystrzyca underground passages. This is a network of chambers and corridors in the old town structure, forming the underground part of a demolished prison.

It's also worth visiting the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, seeing the town hall and the pillory. A truly unique place worth recommending is the Philumenistic Museum - the only museum in Poland dedicated to collections of matchboxes and objects used for igniting fire. It is also worth visiting Parkowa Hill, located at an altitude of 387 meters above sea level. There you will find historic park and sacred architecture - the Baroque Church of St. Florian, the late Baroque masonry chapel of Habla, and a chapel with a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. The hill can also be explored while hiking the mountain trail, as it is part of the yellow pedestrian tourist trail (Bystrzyca Kłodzka - Marianówka - Międzygórze - Szeroka Kopa).

Kudowa Zdrój – Discover the City and Its Tourist Attractions

Kudowa-Zdrój miasta Dolnego Śląska

For centuries, Kudowa Zdrój has been famous for the miraculous properties of its oxalate-iron mineral waters. The sources of these waters are located in the Spa Park and at the foot of Parkowa Mountain. Health-seekers from all over Poland and abroad come here to treat various ailments: heart diseases, anemia, gastrointestinal disorders, hyperthyroidism, and respiratory diseases. The beautiful park, numerous walking paths, and picturesque areas promote rest and recuperation.

The city also boasts numerous tourist attractions and viewpoints. The proximity to the Czech Republic encourages excursions, where you can enjoy delicious trout and beautiful views. Kudowa Zdrój is worth visiting with children to explore the Toy Museum. This place is unique, colorful, and cheerful. It's a return to childhood, filled with memories and great fun. Allocate plenty of time because it's really hard to leave.

The Toy Museum was opened in 2002 by a couple of toy enthusiasts who, after many years of collecting exhibits, decided to show them to a wider audience. Initially, it was a small exhibition, but today it is the largest toy exhibition in Poland, comprising over 5,000 toys!

Another unique place is the Trail of Vanishing Professions - a place where you can learn about forgotten professions, participate in interesting workshops, and visit a mini zoo there.

Polanica-Zdrój – What to See?

Polanica-Zdrój miasta Dolnego Śląska

This is another well-known spa town in Lower Silesia. The charming town is located almost 400 meters above sea level, in the picturesque valley of the Bystrzyca Dusznicka river. Its unique charm consists of a stunning landscape, original architecture, specific climate, and therapeutic properties. The Drinking Hall offers the natural treasures of the town, built at the beginning of the 20th century. A walk through the Spa Park is truly relaxing. The city life also thrives on the promenade, which stretches along both banks of the Bystrzyca Dusznicka, a left tributary of the Nysa Kłodzka.

Polanica Zdrój is vibrant throughout the year, with a buzz sometimes punctuated by the chimes of the bells of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in 1910, towering over the Promenade. Near it is the oldest building in the town, a manor built by the Jesuits between 1706 and 1708. An interesting site is the Spa Theater. This historic building currently houses the Polanica Center for Culture and Promotion. The Summer Toboggan Track "Góralka" will appeal to children and adults alike. The track is over 450 meters long.

Radków, Szczeliniec Wielki and Its Attractions – What to See?

Radków - miasta Dolnego Śląska

The town of Radków is not only an excellent base for exploring the Table Mountains, but it is also a place worth visiting for a walk along the historical trail. The town has a rich, medieval history. Undoubtedly, one of the attractions of Radków is its market square, where the town hall with the City and Municipal Office is located. It's a good place to rest, with benches and walking alleys. In the middle of the market square, there is a fountain, surrounded by historic townhouses.

It's worth visiting the Church of St. Dorothy, a medieval temple with Baroque decor and beautiful altars. The medieval lineage of the town is evidenced by the defensive walls, dating from the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. They are divided into three gates: the Upper Gate - directed towards Broumov, the Lower Gate - directed towards Wrocław, and the Kłodzko Gate. Another place worth seeing is a technical monument - a water mill, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Stronie Śląskie - Bear Cave, Reservoir, Śnieżnik Massif

Stronie Śląskie miasta Dolnego Śląska

The biggest asset of this Lower Silesian town is its beautiful mountain landscape and numerous natural attractions. It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Lower Silesia. The highest mountain range on the Polish side of this part of the Eastern Sudetes is the Śnieżnik Massif, with Śnieżnik peak (1425 m above sea level) being the most frequently chosen by tourists. In the Stronie Śląskie municipality, you will notice its natural values - extensive forests, mountain landscapes, and picturesque villages.

Śnieżnik is the most popular and also the highest peak of the Eastern Sudetes and the Śnieżnik Massif. There is a pleasant trail leading to the summit, which is easy for families with children and seniors. Children, but also adults, will surely enjoy the longest cave in the Sudetes and simultaneously the most beautiful in Poland, the Bear Cave in Kletno. Its discovery dates back to 1966. Another unusual and worth visiting place is the Uranium Mine in Kletno. Previously, iron, silver, and copper were mined here. Currently, a route over 200 meters long has been made available for tours.

Ząbkowice Śląskie - Attractions of the Ząbkowice Region, Leaning Tower

Ząbkowice Śląskie - miasta Dolnego Śląska

This town, located in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship on the Sudetic Foreland, features interesting architectural monuments and traces of the town’s dark and intriguing history, making it worth a visit. The town boasts fascinating architectural monuments. Here, you will find the unique Leaning Tower - one of several in Poland, currently serving as a viewpoint and tourist attraction of this charming town. The tower is 34 meters high and is called the "Silesian Pisa." But why is it known as leaning? All because of its high deviation, which is as much as 2.14 meters. It is a former four-sided belfry of the St. Anne's parish church, built in the Middle Ages, in the first half of the 15th century.

By the end of the 16th century, the tower had significantly leaned due to tectonic movements, and it has remained so to this day. From street level, it makes an incredible impression, and the views from its top are beautiful, allowing you to admire the surroundings of Ząbkowice Śląskie and the Owl Mountains.

Karkonosze - Discover Attractions and Towns Worth Seeing in Lower Silesia

karkonosze atrakcje

The Karkonosze Mountains are one of the most popular regions not only in Lower Silesia but also in Poland. The most famous peak of the Karkonosze is, of course, Śnieżka, but there are also many other incredible trails and tourist attractions. The most popular towns here are, of course, Karpacz, Jelenia Góra, and Szklarska Poręba. However, it's worth remembering the smaller towns where there are also unique attractions - Kowary, Przesieka, and Piechowice.

We have prepared some tips on what to see when visiting this region of our country. What will you find here? The Japanese Garden in Przesieka, Forest Glassworks, Karkonosze Mysteries, Śnieżka Parrot House, Podgórze Mine, Esplanada Amusement Park, and many, many more. Enjoy reading!

Szklarska Poręba - What Attractions Are Worth Seeing in the City?

Szklarska Poręba

The city is characterized by its beautiful location in the valley of the Kamienna River and its tributaries. Dominating Szklarska Poręba are the peaks of Szrenica (1362 meters above sea level), Wysoki Kamień (1058 m above sea level), and Czarna Góra (965 m above sea level). Over 80% of the city's area is covered by forests. It's no wonder that, combined with the mountain ranges of the Karkonosze and the Izera Mountains, it becomes a destination for tourists eager for contact with nature and lovers of mountain hikes. The nature here is unique, with noteworthy rock formations, rushing waterfalls, changing landscapes, and lush vegetation.

Szklarska Poręba also has its specific microclimate, making it the largest center for winter sports in the Polish Sudetes. No visit to Szklarska Poręba is complete without a trip to the Kamienczyk Waterfall, the highest waterfall in the Polish Karkonosze. The waterfall's threshold is located at an altitude of 843 m above sea level. It falls in a three-step cascade, 27 meters high, into the beautiful Kamienczyk Gorge, which is 100 meters long, and its vertical, rocky walls reach over 25 meters in height. Behind the middle cascade of the waterfall, there is a cave known as the "Golden Pit" with clusters of pegmatite and amethysts.

Świeradów Zdrój - Mountains and Mineral Waters

Świeradów Zdrój is a mountainous spa and resort town near the borders with the Czech Republic and Germany. The spa treats rheumatic, circulatory, and nervous system diseases. The eighteenth-century Źródlany House burned down, and at the end of the nineteenth century, the Spa House was built on its site, which tourists can admire today. Its biggest attraction is the unique Promenade Hall - an 80-meter-long, roofed, glassed-in hall with a larch structure, decoratively adorned, featuring a small stage. Here lies a spring with a drinking hall for ferruginous-radon waters.

Adjacent to the Spa House is the contemporaneous Spa Park. Świeradów Zdrój is also an excellent base for excursions into the Izera Mountains. The nearest peak is Izerski Stóg, which can be reached by one of the mountain trails or by taking the modern Gondola Railway, whose lower station is located in Świeradów Zdrój. The railway operates year-round, carrying skiers in winter and bike and foot tourists in summer. It's a great place for spa guests and tourists looking for beautiful views and interesting attractions.

Karpacz - What to See? Discover Tourist Attractions

Karpacz - miasta Dolnego Śląska

Karpacz is an excellent base for trips to the Karkonosze and always attracts tourists. Similar to the nail-less Wang Temple, a unique monument in Karpacz. It is reached by a pleasant route during which you can enjoy magnificent views and mountain ranges. Karpacz is a city full of attractions. One of them is the Toy Museum. It features fantastic toys that children have played with over the last 300 years, from eighteenth-century figurines placed in nativity scenes, through nineteenth-century porcelain dolls, to toys we are familiar with. The collections come from various parts of the world: Japan, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Germany. A visit to the museum is a true nostalgic journey through time, and the diversity of exhibits will amaze tourists.

While in Karpacz, one cannot miss the Karkonosze Secrets. This unique multimedia exhibition organized in the underground is one of Karpacz's leading tourist attractions. It presents the magical world of the Karkonosze, woven with the legend of the Mountain Spirit. A trip to Karpacz comes highly recommended; you will not be disappointed.

Tourist Attractions in Lower Silesia - What to See?

Lower Silesia is brimming with incredible tourist attractions. There is something here for tourists of every age - youth, families with children, and seniors alike. The range of options is truly wide. Amusement parks, museums, a Japanese garden, kayaking trips, or perhaps a walk in the clouds? We have prepared a list of many interesting places for you. We've divided them by regions to make it easier for you to plan your trips.

Tourist Attractions in Kłodzko Land

ziemia klodzka

Kłodzko Land is a vast region, rich in unique places. Mountain peaks, extensive bike trails, magnificent castles, and underground tunnels. There's something for everyone here - children, parents, youths, and seniors alike. The diversity of this region means that you can experience moments of peace and relaxation as well as enjoy active leisure. We are sure it will charm you just as much as it has us. Ready for the journey? Let's begin!

Ski-Raft Rafting and Kayaking

Spływy pontonowe Ski-raft Ziemia Kłodzka atrakcje

The rafting trip through the Bardzki Gorge involves navigating five meanders of the Nysa Kłodzka River. This section is one of the most beautiful spots in the area. Silence, plenty of greenery, water, and often encountering wild animals along the way make for a perfect time out. And there's no exaggeration in that! You can choose between rafts (a safer option where even small children can participate) or kayaks, where you must navigate five meanders of the Nysa Kłodzka.

The trip starts in Ławica and ends in Bardo, just under 10 km further. However, the end of the rafting does not mean the end of the adventure - after the rafting, you can continue on hiking trails around Bardo. The trip can (and should!) end with a delicious trout, freshly fried right at the Ski-Raft base.

Golf in Kłodzko Land

golfowa wioska ziemia kłodzka

This is the only mountain golf course in the area, located in Szczytna near Polanica-Zdrój, in the heart of the Kłodzko Valley. In a friendly atmosphere, under the guidance of instructors, you'll take your "first steps in golf." Equipment rental is available onsite for beginners and advanced players, as well as accommodation in cabins with a panoramic view of the mountains. A stay at the resort means not just outdoor sports but also relaxation amidst the Orlickie, Bystrzyckie, and Stołowe Mountains. Clean air, greenery, silence. What more could you want?

FunPark Polanica-Zdrój

funk park polanica zdroj

This newly established amusement park features 14 amazing attractions: massive inflatables with various themes including pirates and jungle, a zip line, a tower playground, sandboxes, and wading pools with boats for younger children. All sweetened with delicious waffles and ice cream and aromatic coffee waiting for parents, who can find a comfortable spot on the spacious terrace and relax under an umbrella. It's a whole day of excellent fun!

Marianna Orańska Palace in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki

palac kamieniec zabkowicki

To visit the palace in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki, one must climb high. But it's worth it because it's the biggest tourist attraction of this town. The Marianna Orańska Palace in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki, along with its surrounding park, was established in the 19th century. After years, it has once again become a hallmark of the Kamieniec Ząbkowicki municipality. It is a true architectural gem on a European scale, impressing with its grand form, size, and richness of architectural solutions. When visiting the Kamieniec area, it's an absolute "must-see" - the palace rooms, garden, and the nearby mausoleum of the Hohenzollern family are all worth seeing!

The Observation Tower in Suszyn

wieza suszyna

The "Suszynka" tower stands in Suszyn, in the Radków commune, and is 27 meters high. At 22 meters, there is an observation platform accessible by 140 steps, from which one can admire the Table Mountains, Broumov Walls, Mount St. Anne, Mount of All Saints, Bardzkie Mountains, Orlickie Mountains, Owl Mountains, Golden Mountains, and the Śnieżnik Massif. It may not be the tallest tower in Lower Silesia, but we guarantee that the views are still beautiful and unforgettable!

City Tourist Route - Złoty Stok

zloty stok

Discover the history of the charming town of Złoty Stok, whose layout has remained unchanged since the 16th century! Join us on a city tourist route, where you will see historic townhouses and winding streets hiding many secrets. Discover them with us on an eco-friendly Melex tour - a replica of an early 20th-century Ford Buick! Guides will tell you about the mint where gold ducats were coined, the tower of the Evangelical church whose bells played a part in two world wars, the world's oldest active gunpowder factory located just 3 km from the town center, and show the renovated mausoleum of the Guttler family, reminiscent of the Roman Pantheon.

Leaning Tower in Ząbkowice Śląskie

Krzywa Wieża w Ząbkowicach Śląskich

The medieval Leaning Tower in Ząbkowice Śląskie is one of the biggest tourist curiosities in Lower Silesia. The tower is 34 meters high - making it the tallest leaning tower in Poland! It takes 139 steps to reach the top of the "Silesian Pisa," where a viewpoint awaits, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding area. Nearby the Leaning Tower, it's worth visiting the Chamber of Regional Souvenirs, and also following the trails of Frankenstein to unravel the mystery of Frankenstein in Ząbkowice!

Wilczki Waterfall in Międzygórze

wodospad wilczki

This is the largest and highest waterfall in the Śnieżnik Massif. There is a bridge over the waterfall, around which paths and steps have been laid out leading to viewing terraces, so one can view the waterfall and gorge from every side. Right next to it is the House Above the Waterfall, which offers accommodations and a restaurant. It's worth noting that this is not the only attraction in Międzygórze. The town itself looks like something out of a fairy tale - a Tyrolean atmosphere in Lower Silesia is quite a unique sight!

Porcelain Museum in Wałbrzych (Wałbrzych Land)

muzeum porcelany wałbrzych

The Porcelain Museum in Wałbrzych, the oldest and longest-operating cultural institution in the city, is the only facility of its kind on the museum map of Poland. As a Porcelain Museum, it has been operating since 2015, representing one of the most interesting exhibition metamorphoses in Lower Silesia. It presents to its audience one of the richest collections of historical Silesian porcelain, including pieces from 19th-century factories in Wałbrzych, and a carefully selected collection of porcelain from the most important European manufacturers.

The museum's display includes several thousand objects, an exhibition of Polish ceramics from the 1950s and 60s, a gallery of contemporary Polish painting, and periodically organized temporary exhibitions. Education at the museum includes year-round creative workshops for children, educational activities, art walks, and lectures.

Karkonosze - Tourist Attractions


We move to the Karkonosze, one of the most developed tourist regions in Poland. The most popular towns, as you've learned above, include Karpacz, Szklarska Poręba, and Jelenia Góra. However, those aren't the only towns you should know about. If you're a seeker of tourist attractions, also consider visiting other, slightly smaller but equally interesting places: Kowary, Przesieka, and Piechowice. Staying on the topic of tourist attractions in the Karkonosze, we have prepared a list of what we consider the most interesting attractions in this region.

Karkonosze Secrets

karkonoskie tajemnice

The legend of the Mountain Spirit has always fascinated enthusiasts of the Karkonosze. When a mysterious staff was unearthed in 2011 on a plot at Mickiewicza Street 1 in Karpacz, the legend revived with renewed vigor. Exactly at the location where the mystical item was found, an amazing museum was established, narrating the rich history of this region. The entire exhibition is located underground, which adds an extra flavor to the tour, sharpening the senses and emphasizing the magical history of the Mountain Spirit. Here, history merges with modernity, and thanks to the latest technological advancements, visitors can play a laser harp or create their own vision of the Mountain Lord.

Museum of Sentiments in Kowary

Muzeum Sentymentów Kowary - atrakcje Karkonoszy

The Museum of Sentiments is an unusual place, just as its name suggests. Why? Because it collects not only objects from a bygone era but also immaterial exhibits, namely memories and sentiments. Step back 30-40 years and reminisce about objects familiar from your grandmother's kitchen, your parents' living room, or even your own room. Recall what the “Frania” washing machine looked like, how many things fit in the wall units that were mandatory in every home living room back then, how quickly the meat grinder attached to the tabletop minced meat, or how thick was the casing of the TV that only displayed in black and white.

And that's just a drop in the ocean of exhibits that flow into the Museum from the entire region, housed on over 400 square meters. A visit to the Museum is a surge of emotions, laughter, and reminiscing. For some, it's a teleportation to the everyday life of those years, for others an entire childhood, and for the youngest, it's “prehistoric times.”

Lego Blocks Museum in Karpacz

Muzeum Klocków Lego Karpacz

The Museum of Technology and Buildings from Lego Blocks is the largest exhibition of Lego in Karpacz and the only place in Poland filled with original special effects. The museum spans two floors of incredible fun, featuring 80 interactive buttons and joysticks that animate the models. We assure you that it's a great adventure with Lego blocks for both the young and the old! Although officially no adult would admit it…

GIGANTEI - Spirit of the Mountains Park

Gigantei Piechowice - atrakcje karkonoszy

Gigantei, or the Karkonosze Spirit of the Mountains Park, is a place of family entertainment where children can let their imaginations run wild with a crazy chemist and the mountain spirit of the Karkonosze. Walking through the alleys is not just about encountering giant insects and mountain guardians but also gaining knowledge about the Karkonosze. Here, you will experience the Karkonosze in a different way than usual: you'll conquer Śnieżka, Skalny Stół, and Pielgrzymy, peek into the Śnieżne Kotły, and relax by the Kamieńczyk Waterfall. Though it's a smaller version, it's just as charming as the original!

Upside Down House in Miłków

chata milkow

In the Karkonosze, specifically in the town of Miłków near Karpacz, you'll find an attraction that will make your head spin. It's the only place in southern Poland where you can see the world turned upside down by 171 degrees. You enter the building through an attic window and walk on the ceiling. The house is fully equipped, allowing you to experience what life would be like if everything were literally "upside down." An additional attraction is the gravitational cottage. You enter, sit back comfortably, and suddenly... the house begins to spin around you! Wait... or is it you who will be spinning? We encourage you to experience this adventure firsthand.

Trout Haven in Mysłakowice

Siedlisko Pstrąga atrakcje Karkonosze

Trout Haven is a land of good food and entertainment. Upon arrival, guests can walk on the bottom of the pond among gigantic fish models, use the fishing site (both advanced and beginners are welcome!), and children can play in an inflatable castle park. However, the most important part is, of course, tasting the oven-baked trout, prepared according to a secret recipe known only at Trout Haven in Mysłakowice!

Berga Rafting

spływy pontonowe karkonosze berga

Rafting on the Bóbr River is an attraction for families with children, school groups, and a great idea for corporate trips. The water depth ranges from 0.1 to 2 meters, and the raft can accommodate 3 to 10 people. Drifting through the beautiful landscape park of the Bóbr Valley is a taste of true adventure, and above all, relaxation surrounded by stunning nature. Organizers have prepared two routes: the shorter one is 6 km and takes about 1.5 hours – a suitable proposal for families with children. The longer route is designed for those with a bit more stamina, spanning 10 km and taking about 2.5 hours to complete.

Alpine Coaster in Karpacz

alpine coaster kolorowa karpacz

The "Kolorowa" Recreation and Sports Center features two toboggan tracks right in the center of Karpacz. With over 1000 meters of descent on the alpine bobsleigh track of the Alpine Coaster and the Summer Toboggan Run, it guarantees great fun for the whole family! The ascent of the track is 240 meters long, the descent is over 1000 meters, and the maximum speed that can be reached is 35 km/h. The toboggan track can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions. It fits two people with a combined weight of 170 kg. Whether it's children or adults, it's entertainment for everyone!

Esplanada Amusement Park

Esplanada - atrakcje Karkonoszy

The Esplanada Family Amusement Park offers attractions for both adults and children throughout the year in the center of Szklarska Poręba! Among the attractions, you will find over 500 meters of descent between trees on the Alpine-Coaster gravity railway, a 12-meter thrill tower where you can feel weightlessness during the fall, mini-golf courses, and for the youngest, a Labyrinth and Inflatable Castle Garden with obstacle courses, a slide, dry pool, slides, and a climbing hill. Children can also race on electric cars and motorcycles, or get into laser-beam shooting rafts or a Rodeo simulator. Drinks, desserts, and regional beers are served on a terrace with a view of the Karkonosze.

Natural History Museum in Jelenia Góra

muzeum przyrodnicze jelenia góra

Today's Museum is located in the building of the former Cistercian Monastery. It was established based on the natural collections of the Schaffgotsch family. The largest part of the exhibition is presented in the form of impressive, modern dioramas, depicting the fascinating world of nature. However, the museum's name is somewhat misleading, as in addition to natural curiosities, one can learn more about the history of the region. If you're up for a natural journey—to closely observe preserved animals, learn about the geology of the area, compare the sizes of eggs from various birds, or marvel at real horns and antlers—then visit the only Natural History Museum in the area!

Kayaking on the Bóbr River

kajakiem po bobrze

Kayak trips in the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park are the perfect way to actively spend free time in nature. Kayaking on the Bóbr offers top-quality equipment rental and guarantees professional service. Let yourself be swept away in the Bóbr Valley! There are three kayaking options (Nielestno-Marczów, Nielestno-Dębowy Gaj, Nielestno-Lwówek Śląski), varying in length and duration. Children can also participate in the trips—an idea to consider when planning a family weekend!

Izera Mountains - Tourist Attractions

The Izera Mountains are a mountain range in the Western Sudetes, located on the Polish-Czech border. It is one of the continually rediscovered corners of Lower Silesia. The highest peak is Wysoka Kopa, situated at an altitude of 1126 m above sea level. The most well-known town here is Świeradów-Zdrój, often chosen by tourists in this region. The Izera Mountains are primarily known for their numerous, interesting hiking and biking trails. In winter, it's a real kingdom of cross-country skiing with numerous trails that are particularly enchanting during the winter scenery.

Sky Walk - A Walk in the Clouds

sky walk świardów-zdrój

The Sky Walk is the highest observation tower in Poland! The Sky Walk in Świeradów-Zdrój takes you to a height of 62 meters. This stunning structure is complemented by educational, cultural, and extreme elements you will encounter during your walk on an 850-meter-long catwalk. If you're looking for a thrill in life, at the top of the Sky Walk there is a net you can step onto and a glass balcony, stepping onto which gives the sensation of floating in the air! And if you don't feel like walking down after your hike up, you can slide down a 105-meter slide in just a few seconds.

Lower Silesia - See You There!

The Lower Silesia region is truly the perfect place to spend a vacation, a weekend, as well as a school trip or sports camp. In addition to historical sites and experiences, you'll also find beautiful views and unforgettable adventures. We invite you to Lower Silesia!

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