Pieniny - tourist attractions. What is worth seeing in Pieniny?

Pieniny - tourist attractions

Pieniny is one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland. Mountains, rivers, wonderful nature. The views are simply breathtaking.

Pieniny - discover the most exciting tourist attractions

For those who have not been to this region yet, we suggest what is worth seeing in the Pieniny Mountains. We recommend wonderful places and tourist attractions that will not only delight you, but will make you want to return to these mountains and enjoy the beauty and diversity of the region. The Pieniny Mountains are a mountain range in Małopolska with magnificent peaks and vegetation, but this region is also rich in castles, various monuments, natural attractions, beautiful views, interesting towns, health resorts and Dunajec rafting trips known throughout Poland.

What is worth seeing in Pieniny? 25 Trip Ideas

Góry Pieniny

What is worth seeing in Pieniny? There are plenty of great things to see here. It is one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland. Mountain peaks, Dunajec, wonderful nature. There are also monuments - castles and places for active recreation. The views are simply breathtaking.

For those who have yet to go to the Pieniny Mountains, we recommend wonderful places and tourist attractions that will not only delight you, but will make you want to return to these mountains and enjoy the beauty and diversity of the region.

What to do in Pieniny

co robic w pieninach

Everything your heart desires! Walking in the mountains, reaching peaks, walking around health resorts, rafting down the Dunajec River (it's quite an adventure!), admiring historical buildings - Czorsztyn Castle, unique views and natural wonders. You can spend your time very actively, but you can also spend time calmly and lazily. There are many possibilities in Pieniny. These mountains are very popular. In terms of the number of tourists visiting this mountain range, they rank second in Poland after the Tatra Mountains.

What peaks in the Pieniny Mountains? Discover the mountain trails: Trzy Korony, Sokolica, Szopczański Gorge

The Pieniny Mountains are beautiful! We will present you the most interesting peaks in the Pieniny Mountains. Here we go... Trzy Korony is the highest mountain massif in the Pieniny Proper, it has five peaks, the highest of which are: Okrąglica (982 m above sea level) with a viewing platform, Płaska Skała (950 m above sea level) and Pańska Skała (920 m above sea level) ). It is built of limestone. Trzy Korony is also the most popular viewpoint in the Pieniny Mountains. No wonder, since from the top you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Dunajec Valley and a wonderful view of the Slovak Tatras.

Time for mountain hiking - Sokolica, Polanica, Szafranówka

Sokolica Sosna Pieniny

Sokolica is another peak that will delight tourists, and the views from it ... a fairy tale! It is beautiful, charming and worth recommending is also the trail leading to it. It is a short route leading from Szczawnica, which may be important when hiking with children, but it is worth remembering that the steep ascents may require more time than we would expect to spend about 2 kilometers.

It starts from the connection between the Dunajec River and Grajcarek. From here we start, crossing the bridge over the Grajcarek stream, we follow a wide path along the Dunajec River and enter the red trail. We pass the Cypel, which is reached by a wooden bridge, and then we head towards the Orlica shelter and just behind the Zyblikiewicz Grotto, we find the National Park pavilion. At Biała Skała we come across the Nowy Przewóz rafting marina, then the route gets steep and leads mainly through the forest and clearings with a view of Szczawnica.

Handrails have been installed on the steepest sections, which will make climbing uphill easier. We need about an hour of not too fast hiking to reach the top. This is a great route for a family trip.

sokolica - szczyt Pienin

We also recommend climbing or driving up Palenica (722 m above sea level). At the top there are the "Groń" hostel, catering facilities and a trolley slide. Palenica can be reached by cable car from Szczawnica. It is a peak in Małe Pieniny, which is easily accessible and very popular among tourists thanks to the chairlift leading from Szczawnica. From the top there is a beautiful view of the Pieniny Mountains and Beskid Sądecki.

We recommend approaching the neighbouring Szafranówka (742 m above sea level) for those who like scenic spots.

Pieniny National Park

pieniński park narodowy

The park was founded in 1932 and is one of 23 national parks in Poland. Its area occupies the most valuable areas of the so-called Proper Pieniny i.e. the Dunajec Gorge, Pieniny Czorsztyńskie, Pieninki and the Trzy Korony Massif. Nearly 35 km of trails and many interesting places and attractions await tourists here. The most recommended places for a trip are rafting on the Dunajec gorge, as well as the viewing galleries on Sokolica and Trzy Korony. Every year, the park is visited by thousands of tourists delighted with its charms.

Trzy Korony - Pieniny mountain trails. Which routes to choose?

trzy korony w pieninach

Trzy Korony is the highest peak of the Central Pieniny. The route starts with Szczawnica. It will take about 3 hours to reach the top. A beautiful route through the Szopczański Gorge also leads to Trzy Korony. It is an impressive high canyon located between the western and eastern slopes of Podskalnia Góra.

The yellow trail leads from the village of Sromowce Niżne, next to the Trzy Korony shelter, through the gorge, to the Glory to God Pass, and then straight to Krościenko nad Dunajcem. It is the shortest pedestrian connection between Krościenko and Sromowce. The most famous pine tree in Poland is also located in the Pieniny Mountains. At the top of Sokolica, whose vertical rock walls fall straight into the Dunajec. In 2018, it was destroyed during a rescue operation conducted here.

The place was a favourite location for photographers and a must-see destination for lovers of the region. The symbol of the Pieniny Mountains is no longer there, but the place is worth visiting for the incredible view and other specimens growing on the ridge - beautiful, unusually shaped and other wonderful pines. The oldest examples are even 550 years old.

Homole Gorge - beautiful places in the wonderful Pieniny Mountains

Tourists visiting the Pieniny Mountains should visit the Homole Gorge. Why is this place unusual as a natural attraction? The gorge located in Pieniny Małe is considered the most beautiful gorge in Poland. This opinion is based on the diversity of geological formations, charming, somewhat mysterious places located along the Kamionka stream, as well as lush vegetation full of unusual, rare specimens. It is an extraordinary place. The gorge makes a great impression, and high, steep, powerful rock walls cause it.

The Kamionka stream flowing at the bottom adds to its picturesqueness. The whole is covered with forest, but you can see vast meadows above the ravine from almost every point. The exit from the gorge is closed by the Dubantowska Valley with large boulders called stone circles, it is worth stopping at them longer, because it is a favourite resting place for tourists wandering through the gorge. This is a place to rest and regenerate before continuing your journey. There are wooden benches and tables.

From the vast glade you can see another attraction, which is the wall of Wysoka (1050 m above sea level), another peak of the Pieniny Mountains. The Zaskalnik Waterfall is another natural attraction of the Pieniny Mountains. It is about 5 meters high, and flows with a calm rhythm until heavy rainfall. Then the flow of the stream accelerates and is really impressive. This picturesque waterfall lies at an altitude of 550 m above sea level. Three trails run here: horseback, black bicycle and blue pedestrian, leading from Szczawnica to Przehyba. The next point of our trip is Żar, the highest peak of Pieniny Spiskie (883 m above sea level). The peak is completely forested, but picturesque panoramas can be admired from the wooden observation tower.

Wysoka Peak in Małe Pieniny - Crown of Polish Mountains

Szczyt wysoka

Wysoka in the Pieniny Mountains is the highest peak of these mountains, also known as Wysokie Skalki. Hikers and hiking enthusiasts who climb the Crown of the Polish Mountains certainly know about the picturesque route leading to their destination. We encourage other tourists to get to know it as well. The route leading to the top through the Homole Gorge is short, beautiful and steep.

What else is worth knowing about Wysoka? Although it is the highest mountain in the Pieniny, it belongs to their part called Małe Pieniny. High is located outside the National Park area. High can also be reached by hiking through the Biała Woda Reserve or along the ridge of Małe Pieniny from Szczawnica. Near Wysoka there is a climatic shelter near Durbaszka.

Lake Czorsztyńskie - water dam, cruises on ships and gondolas

zapora Czorsztyn

In the Pieniny Mountains, there are many places attractive for tourists. One of them is Czorsztyn. It is worth visiting. It is an interesting holiday village located about 30 km from Nowy Targ, on the Czorsztyńskie Lake, opposite Niedzica. Lake Czorsztyńskie undoubtedly contributes to the attractiveness of this place. It is a retention reservoir that fits beautifully into the landscape and attracts crowds of tourists. There is also a water dam on it, which tourists often visit. It was built in the years 1975-1997.

At Lake Czorsztyńskie there are beaches and several water centers, water equipment rentals, and a marina. In the summer season, two ships depart from the harbour located near castle hill in Niedzica.

Castle in Niedzica, Castle in Czorsztyn - Pieniny attractions

Zamek Niedzica Pieniny

Located on Castle Hill, the Czorsztyn Castle is the biggest tourist attraction of this town. A great place for history lovers, the facility was built in the 14th century and remembers the times of polish king, Kazimierz Wielki. This ruined castle has been made available for tourists to visit. It partially preserved ruins of the middle and upper castle, as well as a Renaissance tower. However, it is worth visiting the castle as it is a perfect vantage point.

From its terraces, there is a beautiful panorama of the entire Pieniny: Czorsztyńskie Lake, Pieniny Spiskie and the peaks of the Tatra Mountains.

There is another castle in Pieniny nearby. It is the Dunajec Castle in Niedzica, also from the 14th century. The interiors of the upper and middle castles were adapted for museum purposes, preserving the historical layout and character of the building. You can also visit the coach house and the granary.

For tourists visiting the castle, several exhibitions have been prepared in the halls of the lower and upper castle. In the lower castle in Niedzica there are museum curiosities in the rooms: furniture, carpets, porcelain, clocks and other utility items from the 16th - 19th centuries. The upper castle offers exhibitions in the halls of hunting, saltworks and guards. Here, in the courtyard, it is worth looking into the unusual 60-metre-high well carved in the limestone rock.

Szczawnica - health resort

szczawnica miasto

Another place worth recommending is Szczawnica. It is a well-known spa town, charming and atmospheric. It is a well-known, 150-year-old health resort. The healing character of Szczawnica is determined by its mild and warm climate and sources of healing mineral waters. There are routes leading from Szczawnica to the peaks - e.g. the green trail to Przehyba, where we can admire the beautiful views of the entire Pieniny Mountains.

Now, however, we will focus on the city, because Szczawnica, despite being a great starting point for the Pieniny peaks, also has great attractions. We will show you what is worth seeing in Szczawnica.

szczawnica promenada

One of them - as is usually the case in resorts - is the Szczawnica promenade - a beautifully revitalized promenade with a length of about 1800 meters stretching along Grajcarek, there are benches, pergolas, you can see the queue to Palenica from here. Szczawnica is visited both by patients looking for ways to improve their health in the healing waters, as well as by walkers thirsty for hiking and beautiful landscapes.

The village is also famous for its original wooden architecture, but also for its many tourist attractions. Dietla Square and Pijalnia are the most beautiful corners of Szczawnica. It's really worth visiting this place. In the middle of the square, there is a small fountain with a sculpture, "Woman with a pitcher". It is also worth taking a look at the buildings surrounding a small square, whose style interweaves Alpine motifs with an admixture of local folklore. These are the characteristic buildings of this city.

miejscowosci Pieniny

Being in a health resort, it is impossible to miss the Mineral Water Pump Room in "Dom nad Zdrojami". The place is full of life at any time of the year. The area around Dietla Square is also lovely and worth a walk. Therefore, it is worth visiting Górny Park. It is enough to take the stairs next to the pump room and enter the park alleys. You walk among the numerous sculptures. The park was founded by Jan Kutschera in the 19th century and then expanded by Józef Szalay. It bears the name of Count Adam Stadnicki.

Dolny Park, on the other hand, is located on the main street of Szczawnica, right next to the bus station. Szczawnica is also a place where tourists can set out on trails. Worth recommending are - a walk to Bryjarka and to the Shelter under Bereśnik. From Dietla Square, you can go on a mountain trip.

The picturesque Pieniny Road - a place for hiking and cycling

droga pieninska autor missfiga

The Pieniny Road is another attraction of the Pieniny Mountains. Beautiful, like everything in the Pieniny Mountains, the route leads through the Pieniny Gorge, along the Dunajec River, from Szczawnica to Czerwony Klasztor and Sromowce Wyżne. The Pienińska Road is about 10 km long and closed to car traffic. Can there be a better proposition for those who value active leisure?

Wonderful views, the possibility of walking in the fresh air, relaxation and contact with nature. Such an attraction will appeal to everyone who likes movement and appreciates physical activity. The Pienińska Road is the most beautiful and probably the most popular walking trail in the Pieniny Mountains, an ideal place for hiking and cycling. The route runs from Szczawnica to Czerwony Klasztor, along the Dunajec Gorge, most of which runs on the Slovak side of the border.

A big attraction is the proximity of the Dunajec River itself and the view of rafting rafts. If you see a rafting trip, you will undoubtedly want to sail down the Dunajec yourself. In autumn and early spring, when trees devoid of leaves do not obscure the views, you can see the Pieniny rocks and crags, including the impressive Sokolica. An exciting addition to the trip may be visiting the famous Red Monastery located on the Slovak side. The entire route takes about 2.5 hours. After reaching the place, you can rest on the Dunajec River. There are several eateries here, including a monastery restaurant. Of course, it is worth planning extra time to explore the entire complex.

A great route, highly recommended. The Pienińska Road is also a paradise for cyclists. They will love the opportunity to explore the area on this tour. Along the way, you can see such characteristic points of the region as m.in. Trzy Korony (the highest peak of the Central Pieniny), Sama Jedna (sharp rock peak) or Zbójnicki Skok (narrowing of the Dunajec River). It's hard to go the entire route without stopping, so it's worth setting aside a full day to explore. Sounds encouraging, right?

Kroscienko - what is worth seeing?


Krościenko nad Dunajcem is a beautifully situated town, cut by the ribbon of the Dunajec River, surrounded by the unique nature of the Pieniny Mountains. It is an excellent base for mountain tourism, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing and fishing. From Krościenko, there are trails leading to the Pieniny and Gorce peaks - Sokolica, Czertezik, Prehyba, Marszałek, Lubań and Turbacz.

It is worth visiting the Pieniny National Park with the seat of the Museum in Krościenko, the Market Square, the historic broken-stone church of St. All the saints. Also worth recommending are cruises between the castles in Czorsztyn and Niedzica. From the deck you can admire the surrounding monuments of both architecture and nature: the Dunajec Castle in Niedzica, the Czorsztyn Castle, the Water Dam in Niedzica, the open-air museum on the Stylchen peninsula, Zielone Skalki, Pieniny National Park and many others. It will be a beautiful trip!

A wonderful monument - the church in Dębno

kosciol debno norbertw11k

There are many monuments and magnificent buildings on the Pieniny trails. Another of them worth visiting is the parish church in Dębno Podhalańskie. It is situated right next to the road connecting Nowy Targ with Krościenko nad Dunajcem. It is one of the best-preserved wooden Gothic churches and one of the most famous Polish monuments in the country and abroad. The portable equipment inside the temple and the unique, wooden, fully preserved patron polychrome, which comes from around 1500, are extremely valuable.

Also worth noting is a triptych, a wooden Gothic tabernacle from the 14th century, a crucifix and antique sculptures of saints. The church is on the wooden architecture trail of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The church in Dębno Podhalańskie was the only wooden church nominated for the 7 Wonders of Poland competition, the scene of Janosik's wedding with Maryna in the series "Janosik" was shot there. Both the temple and its surroundings will delight tourists and lovers of architecture and beautiful nature.

Rafting on the Dunajec - taste the adventure!

Spływ Dunajcem Pieniny

We can't believe you haven't heard of rafting on this wonderful river. Rafting on the Dunajec River is the most popular of the Pieniny attractions, known throughout Poland, perfect for tourists of all ages, loved by visitors. The rafting route leads through extremely picturesque corners of the Pieniny Mountains, the views are wonderful, and the river meanders.

The tradition of organizing canoeing trips dates back to 1831 and is still maintained. Rafting on rafts is a legend. Raftsmen talk about the Pieniny Mountains, telling the story of Janosik, show and describe the most interesting places on the route. The season runs from April to October.

The route starts in the Sromowce-Kąty marina or in Sromowce Niżne and ends in Szczawnica Niżna or Krościenko. The rafting lasts from 2 to 3 hours. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices at both marinas. It is possible to use car parks, toilets, restaurants, and shops with souvenirs.


Rafting on rafts is not the only possibility to sail down the beautiful Dunajec. You can also go rafting or kayaking. The most prevalent version is rafting on a pontoon on the Dunajec River to Szczawnica, or you can sail to Krościenko. Start of the trip - in Sromowce Niżne or Sromowce Wyżne. The Dunajec rafting trip also includes the entrance ticket to the National Park.

Rafting down the Dunajec Gorge is fun for people of all ages. We are sure it will be an unforgettable adventure. Being in the Pieniny Mountains, you can't avoid rafting down the Dunajec, it just doesn't seem right.

Rafting, rafting and canoeing on the Dunajec Gorge

pontony pieniny

We also have an alternative for people who love adrenaline and adventure. A perfect idea for a good time for a group of friends - rafting or kayaking on the Dunajec Gorge. However, remember to choose a company with experience because this type of rafting requires caution. It is necessary to have an experienced skipper on the pontoon, who in many cases will also play the role of your guide, who will tell you about the area, tell you about the history and culture of the Pieniny Mountains.

Rafting Dunajcem Goral Ponton

The rafting route is flexible - you can choose it properly when booking. The most prevalent version is rafting down the Dunajec river to Szczawnica. Many people also choose to sail to Krościenko. Start can also be selected. It can start in Sromowce Niżne or in Sromowce Wyżne.

It is possible to rent a pontoon exclusively for six people without other tourists. One of the companies we recommend is Góral Ponton, it also has pontoons for eight and ten people.

Charming Czorsztyn

130068174 m

Another delightful place in the Pieniny Mountains is also the Czorsztyn Tourist Settlement. It consists of 9 historic wooden boarding houses and villas, 11 rural cottages and farm buildings, and 11 stone cellars with wooden sheds above them. It is a unique complex of buildings from the former Manie, Kluszkowiec and Czorsztyn, dating from the 19th and early 20th century.

They moved before the flooding of Lake Czorsztyn, they were rebuilt in the most beautiful part of the lake. The place has a unique atmosphere! Zamkowa Góra (779 m above sea level) is also a place worth recommending. It lies in the main massif of the Three Crowns. At the top there are the ruins of the Castle, which is one of the highest-situated castles in Poland. It was built in the years 1257-1287 as a guard castle in the Nowy Sącz region.

Visit Walusiówka

walusiowka wikipedia

The Pieniny Mountains have plenty of beautiful corners and equally good accommodation facilities. They are a great choice to relax at any time of the year. There are also fewer tourists here than in the capital of the Polish Tatra Mountains. In Pieniny, tourists commune with unpolluted, wonderful nature. The Pieniny clearings, such as Walusiówka, are breathtaking and allow for a pleasant rest and admiring the wonderful Pieniny landscapes.

One of the places that is perfect for this is Walusiówka. It is a small Pieniny clearing that stretches on the southern slopes of the Burzana Pass (724 m above sea level) between Ociemny Wierch (740 m above sea level) and Czerteż. From Walusiówka there is a view of the Trzy Korony Massif. Below the clearing, in the valley of the Pieniński Potok, there is the Walusiowa Jama cave, unfortunately, inaccessible to visitors. Walusiówka is a place where tourists often rest. Nearby, on the Burzana Pass, there is a crossroads of several popular tourist trails. In terms of views, all trails around the Pieniny caves are beautiful. The tourist's choice is limited to a trail that meets his expectations with the difficulty level.

Walusiówka is a good place to start a further hike up the hill. From the glade, you can see many beautiful places so that it is difficult to decide on the direction of the march. The Walusiowa Jama Cave located there, like other caves in the Pieniny Mountains, is inaccessible to tourists, although legends about it have been circulating among the local residents for many years, it is present in the tradition of the region. It was discovered in the 1950s and has since appeared in scientific studies and guidebooks about the region. The cave is a spacious chamber, 8 meters high, ended with a small rock located above a sloping rock threshold. Two corridors are also part of the cave.

Hike to Sokola Perć and Ociemny Wierch

szlaki turystyczne Pieniny

Some tourists like to walk their own paths and choose less popular routes, but equally beautiful. They appreciate peace, remoteness from people and being alone with the beauty of nature. The Pieniny Mountains are full of nooks and crannies that are off the main and best-known trails. Such a trail is Sokola Perć, a fragment of the Main Pieniny Trail stretching from the top of Bańków Gronik to Sokolica or to Szczawnica itself. A stop on this route may be Ociemny Wierch. Sokola Perć is a trail that has a rather inconspicuous beginning - it starts from the not-very-high peak of Białe Skały. Right behind it is Ociemny Wierch, on the northern slopes of which there is the longest of the Pieniny caves - the Cave in Ociemne, which is approx. 352 meters long and 59 meters deep.

In winter, however, it is a shelter for the largest population of bats in the Pieniny Mountains. Ociemny Wierch - a mountain peak (740 m above sea level) in the Pieniny Proper, within the Pieniny Mountains. It is located between the Pieniński Potok valley and the Dunajec valley as well as the Burzana and Kurnikówka passes. The blue trail called Sokola Percia runs through it. The route is scenic and very beautiful. An ideal place to stay for people tired of the trip will be the hostel "Orlica", from which you can admire the wonderful views of the Pieniny Mountains. The facility is located on a picturesque hill, just a minute's walk from the Pieniny Road, which leads to the Red Monastery in Slovakia. The hostel is an excellent starting point for various types of trips on both Polish and Slovak trails. In the Museum Chamber of the hostel, you can see souvenirs related to tourism in the Pieniny Mountains. A great route, a nice place to rest after hiking.

Nature Reserve "Bialki Gorge near Krempachy"

rezerwat przyrody

This is an archaeological curiosity of the Pieniny. Two rocks standing on the opposite banks of the Białka River: Kramnica and Obłazowa create a very picturesque gorge, but it is not only about the aesthetic impressions here. The limestone rocks conceal grottoes and caves, some of which are clearly visible from the path. In the Obłazowa Cave, archaeologists found human traces from 40,000 years ago (these are the oldest human traces in the Pieniny Mountains) and a mammoth tusk boomerang from 30,000 years ago, which is the oldest boomerang in the world.

Tourists can read about it on the information boards located in front of the entrance to the reserve. There you can find information and a lot of photos and illustrations about these very interesting and sensational archaeological excavations. Due to the unique natural, landscape and scientific values, this area is under protection, a nature reserve, "Przełom Białki pod Krempachami" was created here. The Białka is one of the cleanest and coldest rivers in Poland, the area on its banks is a favourite place to rest, especially on hot days. Interesting and beautiful place.

PTTK shelters in Pieniny

schronisko trzy korony

It's time for shelters that, regardless of the weather, are waiting for tourists climbing the Pieniny peaks. One of the most beautiful, located at the foot of Trzy Korony, is the PTTK hostel "Trzy Korony". Its history dates back to 1928. It currently offers about 50 beds and a restaurant serving regional dishes.

Another facility is the "Orlica" hostel, which was built a few years later in 1932. The building survived the war and German occupation, as well as numerous changes of owners. Currently, the shelter is in the hands of PTTK. Important information for tourists is the fact that there are 50 beds, summer houses and a kitchen.

The next shelter is the "Pod Durbaszką" Shelter. Here it is worth noting that the facility accepts mainly organized groups - and individual tourists only if places are available. The road to the shelter takes about an hour if we start from Jaworki near Szczawnica.

The centre has nearly 50 beds, full sanitary facilities, as well as a TV and didactic room. As for meals, it is available for staying guests, for other tourists only after the prior confirmation.

Campsites, camping sites in the Pieniny Mountains

pole namiotowe pieniny

If you are looking for an alternative to a typical hotel or guesthouse accommodation, you can be sure that in the Pieniny Mountains, you will find both places where you can put up a tent and places where you can put your caravan. A short research was enough to get to know the places that lovers of such recreation most often visit. We have to tell you one thing - there are a lot of such places. Both in towns and at the beach itself, right by the water of the Dunajec River or the Czorsztyńska Dam.

Conditions also on a European scale - there are, of course, showers, toilets, parking lots, kitchens and restaurants, as well as fields for various games: volleyball or football, and of course the most important thing, i.e. a place for a bonfire.

Shepherd's huts in Pieniny (Bacówki)

bacowka pieniny

In the subject of Bacówki - Pieniny can be a real model of maintaining local traditions. If our trip plan included visiting all the shepherd's huts in the Pieniny Mountains, we assure you that the holiday would end sooner than this goal could be achieved. We counted 9 of them! And sometimes, it takes a while to reach them.

One of the most popular is Bacówka pod Bereśnikiem. The road to it is quite short, it takes only an hour, but getting there is an excellent idea for an exciting trip. The route is adapted for children - the path is comfortable and abounds in picturesque views. Interestingly, Bacówka is actually located in Beskid Sądecki.

Another shepherd's hut worth visiting is the Bacówka na Polana Majerz Czorsztyn - you can buy delicious local products there. On the list of places worth visiting, you can also add: Shepherd's hut in Kluszkowce, Shepherd's hut at Wojtek's in Jaworki, Shepherd's hut Trzy Korony in Sromowce Niżne, Shepherd's hut Polana Sosny in Niedzica and Jaś's shepherd's hut in Czorsztyn.

Bicycle routes in the Pieniny Mountains

trasy rowerowe pieniny

The Pieniny Mountains are ideal places for cyclists who love to travel around Poland on two wheels and admire unique views. This is a region created for cyclists. It is not difficult to imagine traversing the route on the banks of the Dunajec River, in the sun's rays among the surrounding nature and the shadows of trees.

Route No. 1. Degree of difficulty: easy

One of the most popular routes you can travel in summer, spring and winter is the route from Szczawnica, which leads along the bicycle trail straight to Slovakia to the Red Monastery. The route is about 20 km long, but we assure you that it will pass quickly - thanks to the amazing views you will find in this part of the Pieniny Mountains.

Route No. 2. Degree of difficulty: easy

Another bicycle route, which is the so-called "classic" is the route from Krościenko to the PTTK Trzy Korony hostel. It leads both on asphalt roads and gravel roads - it is only 17 km long, but we assure you that you will be able to admire the wonderful places of the Pieniny Mountains.

The road runs along the Pienińska Road and the Dunajec River - along the way you can also stop at the Red Monastery, and in the final stage of the route you reach the Trzy Korony hostel. From there, there is a hiking path to Trzy Korony.

Route No. 3. Difficulty level: medium

For more advanced bike enthusiasts, we recommend a slightly more demanding route, which is over 35 km long and includes several steep climbs. However, don't let this discourage you - there will also be gentle stages on the route, during which you will be able to admire the surroundings and nature. On this bicycle route you will visit places such as: Nowa Biała, Dursztyn, the castle in Niedzica and Dębno. In the final stage, you will make a loop and return to Biała again.

Bicycle rentals

wypozyczalnie rowerow pieniny

Both in Szczawnica and Sromowce Niżne, there are plenty of places where you can rent a bike. So you don't have to come on holiday with your own equipment - on the spot you will find companies with good brands and most importantly - always functional and properly serviced. Thanks to this, you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises on the route that would make you stop the trip. In the offers of such rentals you will also find child seats, trailers, as well as children's bicycles.

Bicycle routes are waiting for both adults and children.

Fishing in Pieniny

wedkowanie w pieninach

Pieniny is also a favourite place for anglers. Lake Czorsztyńskie, Dunajec or other smaller mountain rivers abound in a large number of different species of fish. You can meet here trout, seatrout, grayling, guinea pigs, dace, chub, pike, zander, perch and carp. However, few can meet the queen of Polish rivers - Głowacica.

Catching this extremely beautiful and brave fish is every angler's dream. You can fish here all year round. Popular methods are fly fishing, spinning, trolling, float fishing and in winter also, ice fishing. However, for people who are just starting their adventure with fishing, you can suggest catching your first trout in commercial fisheries, which are also not lacking here.

Slovak Pieniny or what is worth seeing on the Slovak side

pieniny slowackie

It is worth mentioning that the Pieniny Mountains are a transnational range and are located on both the Polish and Slovak sides. The Slovak Pieniny Mountains are less frequented by tourists, thanks to which the nature here is more wild and primal, untouched by human hands. We can get to Slovakia using three border crossings: in Szczawnica, Sromowce Niżne and Spiska Stara Wieś or simply by hiking mountain trails.

When it comes to attractions, the most interesting of them is the Červený Kláštor - in addition to visiting this unique building, you will also find camping places and gastronomic points here. We will mention a little more about it below. For lovers of strongholds, we also recommend visiting Szepesi Vár, a historic castle complex. It is one of the largest buildings of this type in Europe. Another fortress is Hrad Ľubovňa, i.e. the so-called Lubovna Castle. This building was built in the 14th century and is strongly associated with the history of Poland.

The castle was visited by polish kings: Jan Sobieski, Władysław Jagiełło and Jan Kazimierz.

Red Monastery - a town in Slovakia

czerwony klasztor

This Pieniny monument is a real gem and should not be missed when visiting this region. The monastery is open to the public. Several hiking trails lead to it - one of them from Szczawnica, you can also go by bike. While following them, you can admire the beautiful and surprising nature of the Pieniny National Park. The monastery is one of the most famous sacral buildings located in the Pieniny Mountains. It is located on the Dunajec River in Slovakia.

The construction of the monastery (initially called Lechnicki) was started in 1330. Although the monastery was located in Hungary, it enjoyed the protection of Polish rulers. Initially, the monastery buildings were made of wood. In 1360, however, they were replaced by brick and stone buildings, erected in accordance with the rules of the Gothic style. In the fourteenth century, the monastery consisted of a single-nave church with two side chapels and buildings of both a monastery and economic character.

The name of the monastery comes from the color of the initially unplastered walls, which were originally made of red brick. Lovers of monuments will certainly like the Monastery, located in the village of Czerwony Klasztor. It is a town in Slovakia, which was founded relatively recently in 1948. A road along the banks of the Dunajec River leads to it from the side of Szczawnica.

Its history is interesting. The Zakon Kamedułów received the monastery from Bishop Władysław Matiaszowski. After taking over the monastery, the monks began to rebuild it in the Baroque style. The Camaldolese (Kameduli) lived a hermit way of life. They devoted their time to running a farm, beekeeping, treating the sick and collecting medicinal herbs. We also recommend visiting the museum in the monastery. The monastery is open to visitors.

Weather in Pieniny - when is it worth coming?

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It is worth asking yourself this question, especially if you are planning trips to the mountains during your vacation. The weather in this situation is crucial. Tourists most often plan to stay in the Pieniny Mountains in July and August. The weather in the mountains is a bit capricious - especially in July, we can count on the occurrence of thunderstorms. The advantage, however, is that the mountains in the Pieniny Mountains are not very high, so weather changes do not affect the safety of tourists.

Great weather conditions can also be found here in autumn, especially in September-October. The weather during this period is less hot, perfect for conquering mountain peaks. However, remember about a warm wardrobe. The mountains are governed by their own laws and both the temperature and the weather can be capricious and changeable.

Winter is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. They will find here well-prepared ski slopes and ideal conditions for skiing. In the winter months, we don't have to worry about the weather - snow stays in the mountains for the longest time, and the ski slopes are also covered with artificial snow. A trip to the Pieniny Mountains in winter is a sure direction for skiers and snowboarders.

Accommodation in Pieniny - how to book?

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The well-known Booking.com search engine comes to the rescue. If you want to learn how to book accommodation in the Pieniny Mountains securely - be sure to check out our Booking.com article - how to save and book accommodation? A Guide for the Tourist. We suggest what to pay attention to when booking, when we can cancel it and what filters to use to adjust the stay to our expectations.

You can choose the form of accommodation - hotel, boarding house, cottages, agritourism, as well as any additional amenities: swimming pool, breakfast, SPA and many others. Booking accommodation has never been so easy!

Why is it worth coming to Pieniny?

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Are you ready for an adventure? Plan your trip to Pieniny! By choosing this region of Poland, you will get everything a tourist needs for a perfect holiday and even more. This region is full of tourist and natural attractions. You can relax here actively, and peacefully, walking in the mountains and watching beautiful landscapes, or walking around charming towns and spas such as Szczawnica.

Undoubtedly and undeniably, the unusual tourist attraction of the Pieniny is rafting trips on the Dunajec River. They guarantee the joy of sailing on a raft, pontoon or kayak, as well as staying on the water and admiring the wonderful, beautiful mountains.

The Pieniny Mountains are also castles, monuments and natural attractions - waterfalls, gorges, and mountain peaks with beautiful panoramas. There is also an extensive tourist infrastructure and accommodation facilities.

The Pieniny Mountains are beautiful, and holidays here can be really interesting, full of unforgettable impressions and worth remembering!

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