Why go to Poland for a family shopping trip?

Why go to Poland for a family shopping trip?

Poles living in provinces bordering the Czech Republic often go to Czech cities for shopping. Who hasn't bought student chocolate, rum or lentils from our southern neighbors?And what can Poland offer the Czechs?Where to go shopping, what to visit on occasion to make the trip a success.We have a few suggestions.

We like the Czech sense of humor, Mariusz Szczygiel's stories about the Czech Republic, Czech alcohol and sweets. And what do Czechs like about Poland? In recent years, they mostly buy meat, cold cuts, dairy products and cleaning products in the border towns. Sugar is also very popular (among Poles recently, too).

A shopping trip can also be combined with quick sightseeing and exploring Poland, especially its border towns, rich in monuments and tourist attractions.


Major border crossings in Lower Silesia

The border with the Czech Republic runs through two provinces - Lower Silesia and Opole. It is very popular to cross the Polish-Czech border in Klodzko Land. Here we have three road border crossings open to international traffic. The most frequently crossed is the Kudowa Słone - Nachod crossing. From Ladek-Zdroj to the Kudowa Słone road border crossing is about 66 km, and you can take the road from Ladek-Zdroj to Klodzko to national road No. 8.

Another crossing is at the Międzyleska Pass - Boboszow - Dolna Lipka. The third road border crossing is Translatev - Otolice. From Ladek-Zdroj to get to the road border crossing in Translatev is about 50 k. There are thirteen crossings in the Kłodzko district that are available for tourist border traffic on foot, including Kudowa-Zdrój. It is also possible to come to Poland for shopping by train. There is a crossing available for international rail traffic in Międzylesie, and the Wroclaw-Prague railroad main line runs through it.

Opole region close to the Czech Republic

zamek gorny opole

Three road border crossings are located in the Opole region. The Pietrowice - Krnov border crossing is located in the municipality of Glubczyce National road No. 38 leads to the Pietrowice crossing. Another is the Trzebina - Bartultovice border crossing in the municipality of Lubrza in Prudnik county. Czech neighbors can also use the Głuchołazy - Mikulovice crossing in the Nysa district, in the Głuchołazy municipality. The Polish-Czech border can also be crossed in Pietrowice and Wiechów.

To Breslau for regional products

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What can Czechs coming to Wroclaw buy? Food products such as meat or dairy products, chickens available in well-known chains such as Biedronka, Lidl, Kaufland, which are also not lacking in Wroclaw, are very popular.

In our country, the prices of groceries, even though they have skyrocketed, are still lower than in the Czech Republic. Not all, but there has been a fashion among Czechs to shop at Polish Lidls. It's more profitable for them.

Since this is the case, we also offer our neighbors Polish products, but also regional, healthy, preservative-free products of better quality than those from supermarkets also known in the Czech Republic. There is no shortage of such stores in Wroclaw. On Obornicka Street there is a store called Products with Tradition. It is a unique store of branded regional products. They are organic, healthy and tasty, and come from small, local entrepreneurs from all over Lower Silesia. Among the products to buy are Italian flavors, pickles, various creams, peanut butter, jams and fruit preserves, juices, syrups, honeys, mustards, oils and healthy snacks.

krasnale wroclaw

Czech tourists are also recommended to visit the Market Hall, where Polish cold cuts, cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables await. You can also buy excellent Polish honey there. How about eating something good and regional on the spot? Szynkarnia on St. Anthony Street does not serve processed food dishes. The establishment gets craft beer created in the best Lower Silesian breweries. The restaurant supports regional entrepreneurs.

You'll get a board of local cheeses and meats to go with your beer. In the kitchen, proprietary scones and sourdough wholemeal bread are made on a chamotte oven. Czechs can also stock up at Wrocław's Ikea, as their country has two stores in Prague and the other two in Brno and Ostrava.

Breslau is relatively close to the border, and it's worth a look there if you're decorating your home. Wroclaw also has shopping malls rich in products, such as Pasaż Grunwaldzki, Magnolia and Wroclavia. Wroclaw also offers the opportunity to shop at Leroy Merlin or other industrial stores located, for example, in Bielany shopping center. Family shopping is also an opportunity to take advantage of Wroclaw's tourist attractions.

Children will enjoy a visit to the Wrocław Zoo, while adults will enjoy a stroll through the Old Town. We recommend a trip to Ostrow Tumski and the Oder River boulevards.

For shopping and dining in Opole

Where do Opole residents do their shopping and what do we recommend to our southern neighbors? Residents of Opole check the prices of dairy products, meat and cold cuts, beverages, sweets, alcohol, household chemicals and cosmetics. Where do they buy? Among the stores chosen are" Polo Market, Dino, Leclerc, Intermarche, Netto, Kaufland, Biedronka, Carrefour, Makro, Lidl and Kaufland. Visitors from the Czech Republic are also encouraged to visit the "Opole specialties" store of local products from the Opole region.

It features products that have won awards in national and regional culinary competitions, such as sauerkraut from Bobrova, fried and steamed cheeses (competition for Czech?), Rudnicka honey, Glubczyce oils and cured meat products made using traditional methods. The "Karolinka" shopping center on Wrocławska Street is a place well-known to Opole residents and residents of the province. Everything from groceries to furniture can be bought there. There are also bars, restaurants and cafes on site. It will also appeal to Czechs going to Poland for shopping.

And after shopping, relax! Pancake House "Manekin" in Opole is a cult place, every tourist must visit it, including those from the Czech Republic. Besides - the restaurant "Starka", supposedly the best restaurant in the city, with Polish cuisine in an elegant modern way. For entertainment - a visit to the Museum of Polish Song, a walk in the park and Opole Venice. Opole Zoo is also wonderful, especially in spring and summer.

Attractions of Opole after shopping

If you are in the Opole region, do not miss Moszna. The village is located just 35 km from Opole, on the route between Prudnik and Krapkowice. Tours of the castle are conducted exclusively with a guide who is authorized for this purpose, it is a tour with the participation of an audio system located in each room Thanks to this, while traversing the rooms of the castle you will learn many interesting stories and secrets that hide within the walls of the castle. The staterooms and observation towers are available for tourists.

It looks beautiful and delights every tourist. Surrounding this magnificent building is a magical park, through which a small river flows, with several bridges over it. In the park we will also be delighted by the beautiful flowers and trees. It is a must see! A big attraction is the surrounding park, which covers an area of 10 hectares. After shopping and sightseeing, it's time to relax and enjoy a meal. Fishing and Fish Fry "U Bodzia" in Moszczanka, will be an excellent choice. Tasty trout, sturgeon, pikeperch, fish soup, and all in a beautiful green environment. You will love it! Children can use the playground, and adults can relax.

To Głuchołazy and Prudnik

In the Opole region close to the Polish-Czech border, there are also other smaller towns worth shopping in. These include Głuchołazy and Prudnik. In Glucholazy, you can do your shopping at Biedronka (there are two) or Lidl. 

There are also stores of the ABC chain in the city. For industrial goods and clothes you can go to Media Expert and Pepco, and for cosmetics ro Rossmann chain store. Gluchola Market Square is a place worth visiting after shopping. Nearby is St. Lawrence Church, the oldest monument in the city. The Upper Gate, which is worth visiting, was part of the fortifications.

Today it serves as a vantage point for viewing the city and the surrounding area. A 105 wooden staircase leads to its top. The Spa Park is also worth a visit. It is a great place for strolling and relaxing in a quiet place. It is full of beautiful trees, flowers and shrubs. In the park there is an amphitheater, where concerts are held in the summer season. The largest shopping complex in Prudnik district is located in Lubrza on Opolska Street.

In Premium Park you can shop at stores of such chains as: 4F, Biedronka, CCC, Deichmann, Diverse, Kaes, KIK, Martes, Monnari, Neonet, Pepco, Rossmann, Sinsay, Smyk and others. There is also a currency exchange office and restaurants on site. In Prudnik, the Castle Tower is worth recommending. It is 41 meters high, and from the observation deck you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city and the Opawskie Mountains. Other buildings worth seeing are: Lower Gate Tower, the Well of Love with a romantic legend.

Shopping centers and marketplace in Nysa

Vendo Park Nysa is a shopping center where a wide variety of shopping - from grocery to industrial. The convenient location encourages customers. We have stores there such as Lidl, the Niebieszczanscy Meat Plant store with good cold cuts. Clothing lovers can take advantage of H&M or KIK, and shoes from Deichmann and CCC. In Vendo Park, one can also do industrial shopping and buy RTV and household appliances at Jysk, Action, Neonet or RTV Euro AGD stores.

There is also a men's barber shop on site. The city market in Nysa is a place with atmosphere, we can buy there fresh vegetables, fruits, food products, but also clothes. Glubczyce, on the other hand, is the place to go for groceries or consumer electronics available at Media Expert.

Klodzko Land so close to the Czech Republic

Ziemia Kłodzka atrakcje - Lądek Zdrój

Kudowa Zdrój is connected to the Czech Republic by border crossings on foot and by road. It's a city where you can hear the Czech language on the streets, and there is no shortage of Czech beer or other products in Polish stores. And where can Czech neighbors do their shopping? The choice of grocery stores and supermarkets is large, less chain stores, more local ones, such as Dino market, Karolinka store, Delicia, ABC, U Teresy. On the promenades you can buy oscypki and other cheeses, as well as regional cold cuts. Kudowa is a great place for a family trip combined with shopping. For Czech families we recommend a visit to the Spa Park and the Toy Museum.

For lunch - fresh fish, of course, there are several fryers in town. Tasty, healthy, we recommend! This is truly a regional product! Klodzko attracts tourists like a magnet, including those from the Czech Republic. 

Klodzko Fortress Gallery

Galeria Twierdza Kłodzko

In addition to visiting Klodzko Fortress, the Market Square and walking across the famous bridge (a miniature of the Charles Bridge in Prague), you can do some shopping in Klodzko. Klodzko Fortress Gallery is just the right place for a family trip. There you can buy everything from groceries to clothes, shoes and household goods.

Customers will find Biedronka, Pepco, Rossmann, Carrefour, Jysk, KIK and Media Expert, among others. After shopping, you can try traditional Polish dishes at Korona or City Hall restaurants. For fish fans, we recommend Łowisko and Karczma Rybna Boguszyn, near Klodzko. The town has no shortage of pizzerias and restaurants with European cuisine. There is something for everyone.

You can find more information HERE

Sudeten Gallery and city tour

Jelenia Gora attracts tourists eager to explore the city. First, we recommend shopping at Galeria Sudecka on Jana Pawla II Avenue. It is a sprawling shopping center with clothing stores of local and international brands, a food zone, a cinema and a gym. We have a good number of stores here, grocery and industrial shopping can be done at the Auchan supermarket. There are also bars and food stands on site. We recommend drugstores like Hebe and SuperPharma, as well as sporting goods stores Gosport, Adidas, 4F, NewBalance. There is no shortage of clothing stores and many others. 

In Jelenia Gora, we also recommend shopping in the Zabobrze Shopping Passage, the New Market Gallery, the Grodzki Passage or the Green Stall, where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables from producers. In Jelenia Gora you can also have a pleasant time after successful shopping. Above all, it's worth going to Jelenia Gora's market square, which is surrounded by charming, colorful townhouses. Jeleniogórski is a charming place with plenty of attractions and numerous monuments. We also recommend a hike along the green tourist trail to the "Grzybek" observation tower.

It is located on Krzywoustego Hill. One of the most interesting districts of Jelenia Góra is Cieplice. It is here that one of Poland's oldest health resorts is located, where visitors have been coming for several hundred years. Here you can enjoy the benefits of the therapeutic thermal waters, take walks and relax in the fresh air.

A trip to Walbrzych

In Galeria Victoria in Walbrzych we can buy everything. Clothing, footwear, jewelry, household goods, sporting goods, groceries, cosmetics. On site you can eat and spend time with your family. For our Czech neighbors, we recommend the company's store with Polish cosmetics "Ziaja", which are not only of good quality, but their low price is also tempting. It's worth stocking up before your next trip to Poland. Children can play at the Kinder Planeta playground, which will certainly be more of an attraction for them than walking through the stores. 

In Walbrzych there is no shortage of restaurants with Polish dishes that we offer to our Czech neighbors. These include, for example, the "Dobra Nasza", "Polskie Samki" or "Krysztalowa" establishments. Being in Walbrzych, it is impossible not to hook up with the Książ Castle. It is a magnet that attracts a multitude of tourists. This castle is one of the largest and most interesting castles in Poland. This beautifully located architectural complex is also unique in Europe.

It's also worth descending into its underworld, which is thrilling. According to some theories, there was supposed to be a shelter here, or an underground complex where work on nuclear weapons or a military equipment factory was planned. Underground tunnels hollowed out 50 meters under the Książ castle were opened to tourists for the first time in 2019. The underground under the Książ castle was created for Hitler during World War II.

Attractions in Lower Silesia

Kłodzko na Ziemi Kłodzkiej

When you go to Poland for an extended shopping trip, you should take advantage of the tourist attractions of Lower Silesia. There are plenty of them, some of which we have already listed. For a family trip, we recommend a trip to the Gold Mine in Zloty Stok. Why is it worth visiting? Because it will be an expedition full of amazing experiences. With a guide we will visit the Gold Mine Museum, the Medieval Mining Settlement and the Ochre Adit. Visiting this amazing and mysterious place, tourists will learn about the secrets hidden deep underground.

The Underground Tourist Route in the Gold Mine delights thousands of tourists from all over the world.

An undoubted attraction worth recommending in the old Gold Mine is the underground boat rafting and underground waterfall in the "Black Adit". The rafting is available for children aged 8 and over. One of the most interesting tourist attractions in the Gold Mine is the 300-meter underground route, which can only be traveled by orange streetcar. This is an option for younger and older children. It's worth joining the thousands of tourists from Poland and around the world who have seen this unusual place full of fun and positive energy.

In Klodzko Land we recommend a visit to Bard Slaski, a charming medieval town, and take advantage of the attraction of Ski-Raft, or Pontoon Rafting down the Bardzki Gorge. The expedition along the five meanders of the Nysa Klodzka River begins at the Ski-Raft pontoon marina, at Skalna Street, under the national road No. 8, located on the very bank of the river and beautifully situated in its bend in the valley of the Bardzki Gorge. At the pontoon boat landing, there is a parking lot where you can safely leave your car and transfer to the Ski-Raft bus, and then choose to go pontoon rafting.

It is worth doing for many reasons. A trip along the Nysa Klodzka River provides many aesthetic experiences. This is because the pontoons flow between colorful meadows and high rocks shrouded by a forest, overgrowing the slopes of the Bardzkie Mountains. The views are stunning. This is a very safe form of active recreation, also perfect for families with children. The organizers have taken care of every detail of the rafting trip. The route is recreational, providing beautiful views, great fun and safety. The river here is shallow, accessible to all and allows easy maneuvering of the pontoon.

The Silver Mountain fortress is also a unique attraction. The Silver Mountain fortress delights tourists and will appeal not only to history buffs. It is a unique attraction and a place also conducive to nature lovers, tourism. Tourists of all ages will find interesting elements here and spend their time in an interesting way. Tours of the Silver Mountain Fortress are guided and this is an additional attraction of this place. They guide visitors in historical uniforms. Before or after you go through the guided exhibition, you can visit the walking trail, the viewpoint, the exhibition of the silver mine and the repair work at the Fortress.

Border tourist attractions

Certainly in Poland, Czech neighbors will not be bored. Klodzko, Kudowa Zdroj, Polanica Zdroj, Glucholazy. The border towns are rich in tourist attractions. Klodzko boasts its fortress, but the underground is also worth a visit. Tunnels, walkways and corridors are the result of the work of the townsfolk, who have been enlarging and improving their cellars since the 13th century. An interesting route, showing the given life of the inhabitants of these lands and the history of this unusual place.

The entrance to the Underground Tourist Route is located at the foot of the fortress, the exit - below the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Zawiszy Czarnego Street. The Underground Tourist Route is a place just in time for a short trip, it will appeal to children, make them curious and leave nice memories, shrouded in a touch of mystery. Kudowa Zdrój and Polanica boast beautiful spa parks and architecture typical of spas.

Glucholazy is an excellent base for a trip to the Opawskie Mountains. Like the towns of Klodzko Land, they invite you to stay overnight and hike in the Table Mountains. Lookout towers, beautiful trails, rich architecture - it's worth a stop in Lower Silesia and the Opole region. Not only for shopping, but also to learn more about the border towns. Karlow, Szczeliniec, Błędne Skały are also not far from the Czech Republic and it is worth thinking about coming here. Families with children will not be bored here, for whom a number of attractions have been prepared.

Where to sleep?

There is no shortage of accommodations, restaurants and bars in the border strip on the Polish-Czech border. Accommodation can be found in Klodzko, Polanica Zdroj, Kudowa Zdroj, Karlow, Jelenia Gora. Glucholazy and Opole also encourage visitors with their offers. Of course, the capital of Lower Silesia, Wrocław, is a tourist paradise. Here we can find accommodation cheaper and more expensive, for every budget. Wherever we stay, we will find places where we can do the necessary shopping. The aforementioned towns and cities are also bases for mountain hiking and visiting interesting sights.

Shopping in Poland? By all means!

As you can see, shopping in Poland can be perfectly combined with sightseeing, exploring interesting places, relaxing and resting. The Lower Silesian and Opole provinces not only have a wide range of stores and shopping malls, they are also attractive for tourists. So bring your families and come to visit us. It will be a successful trip!


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