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Pomerania tourist attractions

The Pomeranian Voivodeship is simply an ideal place for a vacation with children. The Baltic Sea and beautiful sandy beaches are just the beginning of the attractions that are also popular with children.

Both in the Tricity and in the smaller towns of Pomerania, there are many places dedicated to the youngest. Are you curious about where you can go with your children in Pomerania? Check out our list of the best family attractions in Pomerania!


1. the Experyment Gdynia Science Center

Children are the most curious group of people - they love to discover new things, learn through experience and combine science with fun. And all this is possible at the Experyment Science Center in Gdynia, where children learn about the world around them through interactive exhibitions, participation in experiments and experiences. The center consists of five areas - Water World, Tree of Life, Health Direction and Action, this is us.

Each of the exhibitions is dedicated to a different theme. It's about natural phenomena, first aid, prevention, human biology and physics. Here you can feel an earthquake, listen to birds singing, find out how animals see, find out how electricity works and many other interesting facts about life. Every child will be thrilled here!

2. The Kolibki Adventure Park

The adventure park consists of climbing walls, a high ropes course, paintball, mini-quads, archery facilities and also offers the possibility of balloon or paragliding flights, rides with heavy military equipment and rally-cross. Adrenaline junkies can jump from a 20-metre-high platform on dynamic ropes and go zorbing, i.e. rolling down a slope in a giant inflatable plastic ball.

A children's amusement park with bouncy castles and a playground awaits the youngest visitors. All this is hidden in a beautiful forest with a view of Gdańsk Bay. There is also an equestrian center - in short, every little adrenaline junkie will find something for themselves here.

3. The Gdynia Aquarium

There is probably no child who doesn't love animals. And that's a good thing, because Gdynia is home to the Gdynia Aquarium of the Institute of Sea Fisheries. It is home to fish, amphibians and reptiles from different parts of the world and different continents. Here you will encounter colourful, beautiful coral reefs, sharks, eels, the smallest crocodile in the world - the short-toed crocodile - and scarlet fish - fish that specialize in camouflage.

The children can see stingrays up close, which are not as inconspicuous as they seem, the most dangerous piranhas - red piranhas - and even the heaviest snakes in the world - green anacondas. A biology lesson like this is not to be missed!

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