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Karkonosze - Discover 31 Tourist Attractions of the Region

Karkonosze - Discover 31 Tourist Attractions of the Region

Ready for an adventure in the Giant Mountains? We have prepared for you a list of 31 of the region's most interesting tourist attractions. We are sure that each of you will find something for yourself here.

What is worth seeing in Karkonosze? Explore 44 tourist attractions

Discover with us one of the most interesting tourist regions in Poland. We assure you that there is no time for boredom here. In addition to traversing the trails and climbing the mountain peaks, a whole host of tourist attractions await you here. Especially for you, we have prepared an article in which you will find all the most interesting attractions in Karpacz, Kowary, Piechowice, Borowice, Miłków, Mysłakowice, Szklarska Poreba, Jelenia Góra and Świeradów-Zdrój.

We hope you will find the article helpful when planning your holiday travels or weekend getaways. One thing you can be sure of - coming to Karkonosze is a great choice!


  1. Giant Mountains - attractions and interesting places
  2. Mountain peaks - the first is Snezhka
  3. Entry or ascent to Szrenica
    1. Wielki Szyszak
    2. Labský Peak
    3. Smielec
    4. Karkonosze National Park full of unique specimens
    5. Kamienczyk Waterfall and Szklarki Waterfall
  4. Bike routes in the Giant Mountains - Giant's Bike Range
  5. Treasures of the Mountain Spirit - Karkonosze Local Brand
    1. 1. Karkonosze Secrets
    2. 2. Museum of Technology and Lego Buildings in Karpacz
    3. 3. Municipal Toy Museum in Karpacz
    4. 4. Sniezka Parrot House Karpacz
    5. 5. Orlinek Viewing Tower in Karpacz
    6. 6. Year-round cable car Winterpol
    1. 7. Miniature Park of Lower Silesian Monuments in Kowary
    2. 8. Podgórze mine in Kowary
    3. 9. Museum of Sentiments in Kowary
    1. 10. GIGANTEI - Giant Mountains Spirit Park
    1. 11. Freshwater Fauna and Flora Park in Mysłakowice
    1. 12. Hut on the head in Miłków
    1. 13. Esplanada Family Amusement Park
    2. 14. Trollandia Rope Park
    3. 15. Mini Zoo - Zwierzaczkowo
    4. 16. Horse-Rad Melexy Carriages
    5. 17. Brick City - Lego Exhibition in Szklarska Poreba
    6. 18. FOREST HUTA
    7. 19. Mineralogical Museum in Szklarska Poreba
    1. 20. Cieplickie Thermal Baths
    2. 21. Natural History Museum
    3. 22. Museum of Motoring in Jelenia Góra
    4. 23. ZOO TEAM Jelenia Góra
    5. 24. Balloon Expedition - balloon expeditions
    1. 25. Czocha Castle
    2. 26. JUMP OF DREAMS
    3. 27. Project Arado in Kamienna Gora
    4. 28. Lomnica Palace
    5. 29. ZOObaczysko
    6. 30. Wojanow Palace
    7. 31. World of Lemurs in Łączna
    8. 32. Visit Kargul and Pawlak's Museum in Lubomierz
    9. 33. Paintball Center in Mieroszów
    10. 34. Bobr River Rafting
    11. 35. Kayaking on the Bobr River
    12. 36. Kayaking on the Bobr River
    13. 37. Peace Church in Świdnica
  14. JIZERSKÉ HORY - Tourist Attractions
    1. 38. SkyWalk in Świeradów-Zdrój
    2. 39. SKI&SUN Świeradów Zdrój


Giant Mountains - attractions and interesting places

Krkonoše Mountains are wonderful mountain trails and beautiful nature. So get to know one of the most beautiful corners of Lower Silesia and Poland, where it is certainly worth a visit. This region offers everything that tourists like and value - the opportunity to go on beautiful mountain trails, contact with unique nature, active rest, relaxation, the power of tourist attractions at any time of the year.

A trip to the Krkonoše Mountains is, first of all, mountain hiking and wandering along picturesque trails, is to admire the beauty of nature, which was exceptionally generous here. Mountain peaks, rocks, unique vegetation, interesting species of mammals and birds. And one more value not to be underestimated - in Karkonosze it is beautiful at any time of the year and there is no shortage of tourist attractions.

Mountain peaks - the first is Snezhka

Sněžka (1,602 meters above sea level) is the symbol of both the Krkonoše Mountains. It towers over Karpacz, which, in addition to being a city full of tourist attractions, has become a base for mountain exploration. Sněžka is a border peak, it is part of the peaks of the Crown of Polish Mountains and is the most characteristic peak in the Karkonosze Mountains. We can climb Sněžka in different ways, depending on the trail we choose.

The most difficult trail, the black one, begins in Karpacz at the lower base of the ski lift to Mala Kopa. It is the shortest route with steep ascents. Climbing time is about 2.5 hours. Another is the red trail, which leads from under the parking lot below the Orlinek Hotel through Lomniczka Valley. This is a very interesting trail with beautiful views. The section from Orlik to Lomniczka Shelter is very mild and strollable. Then, on the other hand, a bit heavier road begins, which is steep and narrow. Climbing time is about 3 hours.

The easiest trails to Sněžka are the green and yellow from the Czech Pec pod Sněžkou. The approach is quite gentle, with only the yellow and green trails interspersed throughout. Nice views, climbing time - 3,5 hours.

Entry or ascent to Szrenica

Szrenica (1362 meters above sea level) is the second highest peak in the Polish Karkonosze, after Śnieżka, the most well-known to Poles. At its foot lies a major ski and tourist center - Szklarska Poreba, visited by crowds both in summer and winter, a mecca for tourists, a town that offers a wide variety of attractions. More than 80% of the city's area is made up of forests. Not surprisingly, combined with the mountain ranges of the Karkonosze Mountains, they are a destination for tourists thirsty for contact with nature and lovers of mountain hiking.

The nature is a one-of-a-kind, if only to mention the rocks, rushing waterfalls, changing landscapes and lush vegetation. Szrenica is located entirely on the Polish side, in the western part of the Karkonosze Mountains. The peak itself towers about 60 meters above the main ridge. The rocky debris that makes up the summit is covered with characteristic green-yellow lichens - looking like frost from a distance. Although Szrenica is not a very high peak, it has an alpine climate.

Szrenica can be reached by lift from Szklarska Poreba. This is an option worth taking advantage of, favored by families with children. The year-round chairlift "Szrenica" consists of two sections - "Szrenica I" and "Szrenica II". The lift operates as part of SkiArena Szrenica. A 6-person couch "Karkonosz Express", which operates in the winter period and goes up to St. Stone, also starts from the lower station.

It is worth taking advantage of these facilities and undoubted attractions of Szklarska Poreba. Piecgorettes are recommended to ascend the red trail from the Kamienczyk Waterfall, or by following a gentle paved road from Szklarska Poreba. From Szrenica you can hike to the Snowy Cauldrons. On the trails tourists will encounter very attractive elements of Karkonosze's relief, such as post-glacial cauldrons descending rocky walls and post-glacial ponds and lakes located in the Great Pond Cauldron, the Small Pond Cauldron, the Great Snowy Cauldron.

Interesting rocks can also be admired here: Pielgrzymy, Słonecznik, Paciorki, Twarożnik, Trzy Świnki, Końskie Łby or Śląskie Kamienie. Karkonosze's streams and rivers, flowing down steep, rocky valleys, often over boulders, creating cascades and waterfalls, add undeniable charm.

baner karkonosze 2023

Wielki Szyszak

A high Krkonoše peak, but relatively little known. Located at 1509 meters above sea level, it is the second highest peak in the Polish part of Karkonosze. Wielki Szyszak is located near Snowy Kettles and Labský Peak. There is not a single tourist trail leading to it, but it can be climbed from the Black Pass along a road built of stone panes - the road was funded by the Schaffgotsch family. A monument to German Emperor Wilhelm I was erected on the top. The Polish-Czech border runs along the top. Beautiful views.

Labský Peak

Located at 1,471 meters above sea level) is the third highest peak in the Polish Karkonosze, located between Szrenica and Wielki Szyszak. It is located in the western part of the Silesian Ridge between the Snowy Cirques and Szrenica. The peak itself is located on our side of the border. In the mountain pasture below the summit, at 1168 meters above sea level, there is a mountain shelter called Pod Labskim Szczytem - this is one of the older ones - it was built in the 17th century, and there is a junction of hiking trails. To climb to the top from Szklarska Poreba you need to spend about 3 hours.

You can start from the Kochanówka Shelter and hike the blue trail up to the Small Snowy Cauldron, and from there follow the red trail to Labský Peak, or you can leave from 1 Maja Street and follow the yellow trail or the red trail through the Kamienczyk Waterfall - this road, especially to the waterfall, is quite steep. An analogous amount of time will be needed if you want to reach Labský Peak from Jagniątkov or Michalowice.



This is another Karkonosze peak, located on the Silesian Ridge, above the Black Jagniątkowski Basin. Covered by an overgrowing dwarf mountain pine, goloborza, the granite peak of Smielec lies above Jagniątkow - a district of Jelenia Góra, between Wielki Szyszak and Bohemian Stones. You can reach Smielec via the blue trail from Jagniątkow, the red trail from the direction of Karpacz or Szklarska Poreba. Below Smielec is the Black Jagniątkowski Cauldron - one of the Karkonosze postglacial cauldrons. It is worth a trip there.

Karkonosze National Park full of unique specimens

While wandering along the mountain trails, it's worth taking a closer look at the vegetation, terrain, and looking around for species of animals and birds living here. After all, the Giant Mountains are one of the most interesting mountain regions in Central Europe in terms of sightseeing and nature. What is not to be found here! The harsh climate, varied terrain, characteristic rock formations, unique forest ecosystems, alpine animals and plants - these are the distinguishing features of the Karkonosze National Park.

An interesting experience for visitors to this amazing place and those hiking in the mountains is to observe the changing vegetation with each kilometer up the mountain. There are 5 floors of vegetation in Karkonosze. From crocuses, orchids, lily of the valley and other very rare plants such as stemless thistle and mountain abacus growing below, to dwarf pine thickets growing on the higher parts of the mountains.

In the glacial basins you can see communities of rock cherry, mountain ash and Carpathian mossy birch. Lapland willow grows above streams and lakes. At its highest, on the alpine floor grows tsit skucina, which in late summer gives the alpine grasslands their red color. Another interesting and easy to observe plant is the yellowish lichen. The walls of the post-glacial basins, especially the Basalt Vein in the Little Snowy Basin - unique in Europe - are characterized by a unique vegetation cover. There is also a relic of the ice age - the snow rockrose and the endemic basalt rockrose.

Wonderful colors of mountain landscapes and unusual natural specimens - this is worth seeing! What if, by the way, you could see some interesting animal or look at bird specimens? In the Karkonosze National Park this is possible. Here you can meet deer, roe deer, mouflons, foxes, forest martens and weasels. Karkonosze is also a paradise for birds. There are globally, European and nationally endangered species here, including the white-tailed eagle, peregrine falcon, eagle owl, bluethroat, black grouse. Brook trout swim in the streams, and the zigzag viper can be found in the forests.

Kamienczyk Waterfall and Szklarki Waterfall

Wodospad Szklarki

The Kamienczyk Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Polish Karkonosze Mountains. The threshold of the waterfall is located at an altitude of 843 meters above sea level. It falls in a three-stage cascade 27 m high into the beautiful Kamienczyk Gorge, which is 100 m long and the vertical rock walls reach over 25 m high. Behind the middle cascade of the waterfall is a cave, the so-called "Golden Cave" with clusters of pegmatite and amethysts. This is a wonderful and mysterious place that will make an impression that will appeal to tourists of all ages.

The cascades of water are strong, the power of nature is impressive. Another waterfall is the picturesque Szklarka Waterfall, located in a ravine. It falls down a cascade that narrows at the bottom and turns spirally. The water stream of the waterfall is 13 meters high.

Bike routes in the Giant Mountains - Giant's Bike Range

rowery 2

The Giant's Bike Range are routes located on the territory of three municipalities: Jelenia Góra, Piechowice and Podgórzyn. The range is MTB paths, i.e. designed for mountain bikers, to ride mountain bikes. The Olbrzymy Bicycle Range is located in quite high mountains. Even on the blue trails there are some more difficult elements that a less advanced cyclist will have to bypass. There are also climbs on the blue routes: they may require some physical conditioning.

In total, more than 70 kilometers of routes are available to cycling enthusiasts. The names of the routes are the names of Slavic gods and demons: Perun, Utopiec, Doppler, Bane, Borowy, Poświst, Skarbek, Licho, Błotnik, Rokitnik, Skrzat, Jaga, Leszy, Czart. There are 3 loops prepared for cyclists. The first is the Piechowice Loop (western part) - a route between Michalowice, Piechowice, and Jagniątkow (length 19.5 km), the second is the Przesieka Loop (eastern part) - a route between Przesieka, Zachełmie and Borowice (route length - 23.5 km), and the third - Szlakowo - Gravel Loops - routes between the two main loops, is aimed at more recreational cyclists, it is a less demanding loop with a length of 18.5 km.

Treasures of the Mountain Spirit - Karkonosze Local Brand

karkonoska marka lokalna

Karkonosze Local Brand - Treasures of the Mountain Spirit is an offer to spend time in Karkonosze SLOW - filled with authentic climate, taste of the region. It's an opportunity to taste distinctive mountain flavors, buy local handicrafts. This is an opportunity to complement your vacation with handicraft and culinary workshops in unique places: cheese making, bread baking, preparing preserves, baking and icing gingerbread, felting, glassblowing, graphic arts or ceramics.


Karpacz is one of the most famous tourist towns right after Zakopane. No wonder, as the climate of this charming mountain town is truly extraordinary. The center of Karpacz is a beautiful promenade, surrounded by numerous restaurants, cafes and stores. Especially in the summer evenings we recommend a walk along the promenade and stopping in one of the pubs. Contrary to appearances, it is not in the center that we will find the most interesting tourist attractions of Karpacz. Closest to the promenade are Karkonoskie Tajemnice (Karkonosze Secrets), the rest of the attractions can be reached by taking a walk or using means of transportation.

1. Karkonosze Secrets

Karkonoskie Tajemnice Karpacz

Karkonoskie Tajemnice, winner in National Geographic's "7 New Wonders of Poland" contest, is an underground multimedia exhibition dedicated to the legendary figure of the Mountain Spirit. At Karkonoskie Tajemnice you can listen to great stories and make fascinating discoveries. Twelve stories await visitors, including the history of the herbalists who inhabited Karkonosze, mineral and natural wealth seekers - the Walloons, ancient glassmakers or legends related to the Lord of Karkonosze - the Mountain Spirit.

The multimedia and interactive nature of the exhibition causes visitors to expand their knowledge through action and fun.

1a Adama Mickiewicza St., 58-540 Karpacz,

tel. 75 76 19 999

Open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Price list of tickets:

2. Museum of Technology and Lego Buildings in Karpacz

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Muzuem Techniki i Budowli z Klocków Lego is the only Lego exhibition of its kind in Karpacz. And interestingly enough, it is also the only such place in Poland where Lego buildings are filled with special effects! Muzuem is actually two floors of fun and more than 80 interactive buttons and joysticks that make the mock-ups start moving. Recommended for both kids and adults.


11 Mickiewicza St., 58-540 Karpacz
tel. +48 602 629 833

3. Municipal Toy Museum in Karpacz

muzeum zabawek4

The Toy Museum is an unusual place on the map of Karpacz, which is willingly visited by literally everyone - children, teenagers and adults. Arriving at the Toy Museum you will see an exhibition of both ancient and modern toys. The exhibits have been arranged in a fairy-tale style, and you will find miniature dollhouses, teddy bears and porcelain dolls, among others.

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10.00 - 17.30

3 Kolejowa St., 58-540 Karpacz
te. 75 76 18 523

4. Sniezka Parrot House Karpacz

papugarnia karpacz

Parrotarnia Sniezka in Karpacz is a place where you will spend unforgettable moments with your family surrounded by exotic birds. In the Parugarnia you will see a huge variety of species and colors of amazing birds that are parrots. There is also an opportunity to feed some of them - the parrot keepers will tell you in detail about what you can and cannot do on site.

Brzezie Karkonoskie Street 25i, 58-535 Miłków
tel. 501 971 114

Open daily: from 10:00 to 18:00

5. Orlinek Viewing Tower in Karpacz

bilboard orlinek

The Orlinek lookout tower is a must-see on any trip to the Karkonosze Mountains and stay in Karpacz. Only here you can enjoy a breathtaking view, not only of the mountains, but also of Karpacz and the entire area. The viewpoint is not only an excellent alternative for anyone who does not plan to go further along the trails, but also a perfect complement for those who have already visited the Giant Mountains.

Opening hours:

Summer season from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (summer season lasts until 1.10)
Winter season from 10 am to 4:30 pm (1.10-1.04)

9 Olimpijska Street, 58-540 Karpacz

6. Year-round cable car Winterpol


In the very center of Karpacz at the foot of Sniezka is located Winterpol Karpacz Biały Jar complex. There you will find a modern, 6-person, unharnessed couch with wind shields, which operates both in winter and in summer for hikers.

At the ski lift you will also find 3 trails of varying levels of difficulty, a bike park, a children's playground, sports equipment rentals, a ski school, refreshments and the comfortable Villa Witerpol.


5 Turystyczna Street, 58-540 Karpacz


7. Miniature Park of Lower Silesian Monuments in Kowary


Visiting the park you will get acquainted with perfectly made models of castles, palaces, churches and town halls from the Lower Silesia region, all made in 1:25 scale, along with the largest miniature of mountains in Europe, which in this case is the Karkonosze range, including Snieznka (1602 m) and faithfully reproduced trails and hostels.

After the tour, it's worth going to the Palace Playroom. The youngest will have the opportunity to experience gigantic fun on inflatable castles and other attractions.

8. Podgórze mine in Kowary

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The Podgórze Mine in Kowary is the second largest uranium mine in Poland and the largest in Kowary. There are three routes for tourists here: the tourist route, which runs through adit 19a, which was created in the 1950s, the ectreme route, which runs through the crude mine and is a unique adventure, and the diving route, which is only available to qualified divers.

According to visitors, the mine is the most interesting tourist site in Kowary. The underground is a place where the history, science and curiosities of yesteryear will give you a glimpse into the carefully hidden history of the People's Republic of Poland.

Kowary, 54 Podgórze Street

tel. 538 715 100, tel. 780 161 191

9. Museum of Sentiments in Kowary

MSF 0033

The Museum of Sentiments is an unusual place that collects not only objects from a bygone era, but also intangible exhibits - memories and sentiments. The Kowary tourist attraction was launched in June 2018 on the site of the former Carpet Factory in Kowary. The initiator of this unique exhibition is Andrzej Olszewski, who for many years has been collecting all sorts of objects that are a mine of memories from those times.

In addition, the sentimental exhibition is enriched by, among other things, the original stand from which Edward Gierek spoke to the crew of the "KOWARY" Carpet Factory during a visit to the plant in 1978, as well as its original laboratory, in which a memorial chamber is being created for this iconic factory in the region, which no longer exists. May 1, 2019 saw the opening of the President's Room and Secretariat, where you can occasionally meet with secretary Dorota Przybyla and Mr. President!


The museum is located in the former Carpet Factory in Kowary at 9 Zamkowa St.
May-September open daily
tel. 601 553 876


10. GIGANTEI - Giant Mountains Spirit Park

gigantei foto Rafał Kotylak 16

A family theme park: - about Karkonosze; - in Karkonosze; - with a view of Karkonosze. Let your imagination run wild with the crazy chemist Ole and the mountain spirit Karkonosze. Walking along the trails of our park you will learn about interesting places in Karkonosze and encounter models of giant insects, as well as Karkonosze rangers. All this in the beautiful scenery of a mountain garden. Guaranteed entertainment and education for the whole family!


2 Siewna St., 58-573 Piechowice
tel. 603 389 910, 691 741 205


11. Freshwater Fauna and Flora Park in Mysłakowice

01 park mega ryb

The attraction of the park are unique, gigantic mock-ups of freshwater fauna. Specially designed paths, will allow you to walk on the real bottom of the pond, where we can learn up close about the structure of fish, insects, amphibians and reptiles. The whole attraction is complemented by the possibility of fishing!


58-533 Mysłakowice, Łąkowa Street 4/1
tel. 794 717575


12. Hut on the head in Miłków

chata milkow

This is the only such place in the south of Poland, where you can see the world inverted by 171 degrees. You enter the building through a gable window and walk on the ceiling. The Hut on the Head is completely furnished and equipped with everyday objects!

An additional attraction is the Gravity Hut, which will give you an amazing experience. You go inside, sit down comfortably, until suddenly.... the house starts spinning around you! Or maybe it is you who is spinning after all? It's worth checking it out!


58-533 Mysłakowice, Łąkowa St. 4/1
tel. 794 717575


13. Esplanada Family Amusement Park


The Esplanada Family Amusement Park is a year-round attraction for big and small. Among the attractions here you'll find a 500m downhill gravity train apline-coaster, a 12-meter tower of excitement, mini golf tracks, and an Inflatable Garden for the youngest.

Café park Esplanade additionally invites you to enjoy delicious coffee, cakes and ice cream desserts, served on the terrace overlooking the Giant Mountains.

Opening hours:
10:30 am - 9 pm

5a Grabskiego St., Szklarska Poreba

14. Trollandia Rope Park

Trollandia park linowy szklarska

Trollandia Rope Park is a place of safe and good fun! Here you will find 5 diverse rope routes. This is a place where children develop motor coordination while having fun in the fresh air. Safety stands first here - this is an ideal place for children of all ages.


Jedności Narodowej Street
58-580 Szklarska Poreba
tel. 661 220 004

15. Mini Zoo - Zwierzaczkowo

zwierzaczkowo mini zoo szklarska poręba

A place where you can directly commune with the animals, enter their territory to stroke, brush, cuddle. Curious goats, sheep and rabbits themselves come up and seek contact. You will see what a chickadee eats and what a raccoon eats. Why does a rabbit have long ears? What is the difference between a horse and a donkey? If you love animals and want to get to know them better and relax a bit among them, you are welcome!

Since the vacations, the offer will be enriched with an exhibition of snakes and lizards. We organize workshops for making candles. Painting of plaster figurines, bonfires,birthdays among animals.


Szklarska Poreba, Piotra Skargi St. 3

16. Horse-Rad Melexy Carriages

kon-rad dorozki kuligi szklarska poreba

In Szklarska Poreba you have the opportunity to take carriage rides, where we are able to take 30 people at a time. We also offer a ride in a retro car, which will take 8 people. We ride along a picturesque route to the Kamienczyk Waterfall itself.


Szklarska Poreba
605-385-443 KONRAD

17. Brick City - Lego Exhibition in Szklarska Poreba

brick city

The largest Lego Exhibition in Szklarska Poreba and the History of the Region exhibition. Here you will see two exhibitions by buying one ticket. It is worth seeing the amazing Lego buildings that will impress not only children but also their parents. During the second exhibition, you will learn about the history of the region in a nutshell. This is a great opportunity to get to know the region where you spend your vacations in a nice and pleasant way.


5 Jedności Narodowej St.

Szklarska Poreba


lesna huta

At Leśna HUTA, you can observe with your own eyes the smelting of various glass forms from ornaments to vases and dishes. Master Henryk Łubkowski, maintains the centuries-old tradition of glassmaking in Szklarska Poreba. We invite you to handmade demonstrations, workshops for children, as well as to our fifi rm store. Workshops by prior telephone reservation.


Szklarska Poreba, 2 Kołłątaja St.

19. Mineralogical Museum in Szklarska Poreba


The Mineralogical Museum features nearly 4,000 exhibits: minerals and fossils from around the world, as well as one exhibit from outer space - the Gibeon meteorite. In front of the Museum building, there is the only "Carboniferous Forest" in Europe. - These are the petrified trunks of the Dadoxylon tree, which grew about 300 million years ago. A separate section of the museum are fossils and skeletons of dinosaurs. This is the largest private collection of reptiles from millions of years ago.

Opening hours:
In season open daily 10 am to 6 pm
Out of season Tuesday through Sunday 10 am - 6 pm
Mondays closed

20 Kilińskiego St., 58-580 Szklarska Poreba


20. Cieplickie Thermal Baths


Cieplickie Thermal Baths is an intimate water park, located in the resort center of Jelenia Gora, where you can find a range of interesting attractions, including: tube slides and a three-track family slide, water loungers, Jacuzzi, whips and water coats, a wild river and a water swing. The complex also features unique spa and Norwegian thermal pools, which allow you to relax outside in the hot water, even in the coldest temperatures.


5 Zdrojowy Park Street, 58-560 Jelenia Góra

21. Natural History Museum

muzeum przyrodnicze jelenia góra

Today's museum is located in the building of a former Cistercian monastery. It was created based on the former natural history collections of the Schaffff gotsch family. The largest part of the exhibition is presented in the form of impressive modern dioramas, depicting the fascinating natural world. The entomological exhibition includes domestic and foreign specimens.

Open: V-IX 9.00-17.00 Tuesday-Sunday
X-IV 9.00-16.00 Tuesday-Sunday
Natural History Museum in Jelenia Góra

22. Museum of Motoring in Jelenia Góra

muzeum motoryzacji jelenia góra

The Jelenia Gora Automotive Museum is a magical place for lovers of motorization, both pre-war and so-called youngtimers. Here you will find more than a hundred exhibits, including many unique cars and motorcycles. Extremely interesting is the exposition "Cars in Miniature in Jelenia Gora" - an exhibition of collector models from CMC, Auto Art or Rally Legends.

Open daily

New Market Gallery, 2nd level
25 Podwale St., Jelenia Gora

23. ZOO TEAM Jelenia Góra

zoo team

In ZOO TEAM - the world of exotic animals, real adventures await! This is a place for daredevils who would like to check on their own skin whether the birds really are as hairy as the legend says, or what the scales of varanus feel like, and whether the boas can be stroked. Inside we will also learn interesting facts about their structure and life.


Jelenia Góra
New Market Gallery

24. Balloon Expedition - balloon expeditions

Karki 1

Looking for a unique attraction? Do you love the thrill? Want to see the beauty of Poland from a new perspective? Hear the hiss of hot air filling the canopy of the balloon, soar into the skies and experience a sense of blissful suspension in time and space... Yes, such emotions will only provide you with a sightseeing flight in a balloon.

Choose one of the available launch sites now and plan your own sky-high adventure of a lifetime. On board our fabulously colorful balloon there is no room for boredom. During the scenic flight you will see breathtaking views.


25. Czocha Castle

zamek czocha

Discover the history of imagination together with us! Czocha is a medieval fortress, known from many movies. It attracts tourists with its glorious history, secret passageways and awe-inspiring legends, and in its stone nooks and crannies hides the Multimedia Torture Room. Enjoy Night and Evening Tours and outdoor events where history dances with struggle. A hotel, restaurant, cafe and souvenir stands await guests.

Hours for guided tours of the facility:
V-X: 10:00-18:00, XI-IV: 10:00-17:00, VII-VIII: 10:00-20:00

59-820 Lesna, tel. +48 757 211 553


jump world karpacz

Jumping from a 100-meter tower: - 4 seconds of free flight - unique views - unforgettable impressions - perfect gift - intimate gatherings at 100 meters (birthdays, proposal.


142 Kościuszki St., 58-532 Kostrzyca
tel. 881 420 320

27. Project Arado in Kamienna Gora

projekt arado

Come to the Underground Tourist Route "Project Arado" in Kamienna Góra. Play the role of an agent of the Polish intelligence service. Take part in a mission on which the fate of World War II depends! In the basement of "Arado" you will see more than 100 exhibits! Including unique aircraft armaments. And also the remains of the cipher machine "Enigma" and elements of the German wunderwaffe! V2 rockets and V1 flying bomb!


Lubawska 1a, 58-400 Kamienna Góra

28. Lomnica Palace

palac lomnica

Multimedia exhibition "Three Centuries of Life at Łomnica Palace". Fascinating adventure with history for small and big explorers: - A journey through time - An app with 60 short fifi lms, including special ones for children - 18 historically equipped rooms - Open daily 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After the tour, visit the rustic "Old Stable" Restaurant in the manor house.


3 Karpnicka Street
58-531 Lomnica

29. ZOObaczysko


Bird Park ZOObaczysko is a place where you can admire parrots flying in the wild and flying to people. Our guests walk among the free-walking ornamental hens, ducks, peacocks, cranes or rabbits and feed them if the animal feels like it.


Karkonoska 28a
58-564 Sosnówka

30. Wojanow Palace

palac wojanowA romantic mansion with ala carte restoration. The palace and the surrounding park look like something out of a fairy tale. The place encourages walking and relaxation. The unique SPA&SWELLNES offers facial and body treatments. Whistoric walls offer a swimming pool, saunas, Jacuzzi and a modern gym. A wine bar is located in the basement.


8 Wojanow Street,| 58-508 Jelenia Gora.
tel. +48 75 754 53 00

31. World of Lemurs in Łączna

zoo łącznaYou don't have to be in Madagascar or Africa to commune with wild animals. With us everything is at your fingertips! You will touch, feed and learn about rare species of animals. Welcome to the World of Lemurs on the grounds of the Łączna Zoo. Experience an unforgettable adventure!


Łączna 25
58-350 Mieroszow
tel. 665 148 038

32. Visit Kargul and Pawlak's Museum in Lubomierz

muzeum kargula i pawlaka

In the Kargul and Pawlak's Museum, you will see memorabilia related to the iconic comedy by Sylwester Chęciński, primarily props used in the filming of the movie: a rifle with a flying lock, a grenade for holiday clothing, a scythe for making hay, and many others. Approach the famous fence and reminisce about the iconic characters of the most popular Polish comedy. Sit in a cinema chair from the premiere of the film and watch the funniest scenes once again.


Lubomierz, ul. Wacława Kowalskiego 1 Open daily.

33. Paintball Center in Mieroszów

paintball mieroszów

The only paintball center in the Karkonosze Mountains. 3 fields, great service, unforgettable special events, and most importantly, only here will you experience emotions like nowhere else. For young and old... Shooting paintballs at targets, skill games, bumperball.


Łączna 5 58-350 Mieroszów/Wałbrzych

34. Bobr River Rafting


Rafting trips on pontoons along the Bóbr River are an ideal attraction for families with children, school groups, and corporate outings. Rafting on pontoon rafts is an attraction that combines three elements - teamwork on the water, active recreation, and spending unforgettable moments in the lap of nature. The attraction is perfect for active families with children and groups of children and youth.

35. Kayaking on the Bobr River


Kayaking trips in the Landscape Park of the Bobr Valley are the perfect way to spend active leisure time in nature. Kayaking on the Bobr River is a rental of the highest quality equipment and a guarantee of professional customer service. Let yourself be carried away by the Bobr Valley!

36. Kayaking on the Bobr River

Kayaking and pontoon rafting trips on the Bóbr River are a great adventure and an opportunity to spend leisure time in nature. Three routes to choose from: 10 km, 13 km, 20 km.


Nielestno near Jelenia Góra tel. 664 483 338

37. Peace Church in Świdnica

Kościół Pokoju Świdnica

The Peace Church in Świdnica is a true architectural gem - it is the largest wooden Evangelical Church with almost 400 years of history listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to legend, not a single nail was used in the construction of the church. The interior of the church delights with a Baroque altar and a wealth of gilded wooden decorations.


Plac Pokoju 6 58-100 Świdnica

JIZERSKÉ HORY - Tourist Attractions

38. SkyWalk in Świeradów-Zdrój

sky walk

The tallest observation tower in Poland! Sky Walk Świeradów-Zdrój will take you to a height of 62 meters. The breathtaking structure is complemented by educational, cultural, and extreme elements that you will encounter while walking along the 850-meter-long footbridge.

39. SKI&SUN Świeradów Zdrój

ski&sun świeradów zdrój

SKI&SUN Świeradów Zdrój GONDOLA LIFT is a must-see attraction in the Western Sudetes, which in 8 minutes takes us to the upper station at an altitude of 1060 m above sea level located on Stóg Izerski. It operates all year round. In winter, it serves skiers. The ski slope is 2.5 km long. It is illuminated and allows for evening skiing. In summer, it serves hiking and cycling tourists. The gondolas are adapted for the transport of disabled people. The ride guarantees amazing views of the mountain panorama.


ul. Źródlana 7, 59-850 Świeradów-Zdrój tel. +48 756 152 020

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