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Kłodzko Land - tourist attractions

Kłodzko Land - tourist attractions

Want to discover the tourist attractions of Klodzko Land? This is the most diverse region in terms of tourist attractions in Lower Silesia.

TOP 50 attractions of the Klodzko Land - What is worth seeing?

Are you traveling in the Klodzko Land area? Or are you planning a vacation, vacation or family weekend in this region? We have created a guide for you to discover the tourist attractions of the Klodzko Land and its surroundings - that is, the Ząbkowice Land, the Owl Mountains and the Walbrzych Land.

It will certainly take you quite a while to discover all the attractions of the Klodzko Land, the multitude of tourist attractions, both natural and commercial, will make your head spin!

Klodzko Land or Klodzko Valley?

Ziemia Kłodzka or Kotlina Kłodzka? Many tourists still confuse these terms, also in many guidebooks there are many errors on this subject. Kotlina Kłodzka is just a part of Ziemia Kodzka. Kotlina Kłodzka is located within the boundaries of Kłodzko Land, but its area is only 1/5 of the area of Kłodzko Land.

Viewed from a geographical position, the Klodzko Basin is a depression in the area of the Eastern Sudetes and Central Sudetes. The basin is girdled by: Bardzkie Mountains, Sowie Mountains, Table Mountains, Bystrzyckie Mountains and the Śnieżnik Massif in the eastern Sudetes. It is these mountain ranges that largely determine the attractiveness of the Klodzko Basin and its undeniable natural qualities, which are appreciated by numerous tourists.

This is a very picturesque and full of tourist attractions land of Lower Silesia. A destination for school excursions, weekend and holiday trips. It enchants at any time of the year. Tourists can choose from a variety of attractions - atmospheric and full of historical cities, trails and mountain peaks, spas, observation towers and bicycle routes.

It is worth noting that within the Klodzko Basin there are not only such places as Szczeliniec Wielki or Błędne Skały in theRadków municipality, but also popular spas of the Klodzko Land, such as Ladek-Zdrój, Polanica-Zdrój, Kudowa-Zdrój and Duszniki-Zdrój. These famous towns are located in Klodzko Land, but are not part of the Klodzko Basin area. If you want to learn more, we have prepared for you the article Kotlina Klodzka biggest attractions. In it you will find a lot of interesting information about, among other things, Klodzko Valley attractions for bad weather and Klodzko Valley attractions for children.

Now that we have clarified the topic of naming, let's return from the obchar about which we have prepared today's article to encourage you to travel and discover the attractions of Klodzko Land and its surroundings.

Klodzko Land - attractions you must visit?

Having visited Poland, we can confidently tell you that there are few regions that offer such rich history, tourist attractions and architectural sites. This is a real treat for tourists who love sightseeing and spending time actively. Hiking enthusiasts are sure to be interested in the numerous mountain peaks - the Table Mountains, the Bialskie Mountains, the Bystrzyckie Mountains, the Bardzkie Mountains, the Orlickie Mountains and the Śnieżnik Massif. The most popular of these are Snieznik and Szczeliniec Wielki, which is visited every year by a large number of tourists looking for unique places in Lower Silesia.

Klodzko Land is a magical place where we can discover something new every time - it's picturesque cities and towns, historical monuments and fascinating defensive buildings. It is also amazing architectural sites - castles and palaces. You'll find places to learn, play and a whole lot of tourist attractions. In our article you will also learn about attractions for children in Klodzko Land.


  1. Klodzko Valley and Klodzko Land tourist attractions
  2. Klodzko - get to know the tourist attractions of Klodzko Valley
    1. 1. Klodzko Fortress
    2. 2. Museum of Kłodzko Land
    3. 3. Museum of RTV PRL UNITRA
  3. Attractions near Klodzko
    1. 4. pontoon rafting Ski-raft in Ławica
    2. 5. the Ławica Palace - Cipher Farm & Paintball
    3. 6 The Golden Trout Fishery
    4. 7. by Electrician in the Land of Klodzko
    5. 8. entertainment park MIKILANDIA
    6. 9. alpakowa Kotlina
  4. Zloty Stok - attractions you must see
    1. 10. Municipal Tourist Route
    2. 11. observation tower in Zloty Stok
  5. The Stronie Slaskie Commune - tourist attractions
    1. 12. Snieznik lookout tower
    2. 13. SCOOTER RIDES
    3. 14. the Bear Cave in Kletno
    4. 15. lagoon in Stara Morava
    5. 16. Czarna Góra Resort
  6. Ladek-Zdroj - what is worth seeing?
    1. 17. thermal pool in Ladek-Zdrój
    2. 18. Alchemical Forge
    3. 19. alpaca Konradów Mini Zoo
  7. Bystrzyca Klodzka - discover attractions worth seeing
    1. 20. Filumenistic Museum in Bystrzyca Klodzka
    2. 21. WALISZOW FARM - Family Fun Farm Foundation
    3. 22. Gorzanow Palace
  8. Radkow - tourist attractions of Klodzko Land
    1. 23. Suszyna Viewing Tower
    2. 24. Radkov Lagoon
    3. 25. Viewing Terrace on Guzowata Mountain
    4. 26. Skansen Wambierzyce
    5. 27. Dinosaur Park in Karlow
    6. 28. Szczeliniec Wielki
  9. Nowa Ruda - get to know the tourist attractions of Klodzko Land
    1. 29. Former Nowa Ruda Mine
  10. The Stoszowice Commune - or Srebrna Góra and its attractions
    1. 30. Silver Mountain Fortress
    2. 31. Lutomiersk Cheese from the Owl Mountains
  11. Duszniki-Zdrój – Discover tourist attractions worth visiting
    1. 32. The Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój
    2. 33. Zieleniec Sport Arena
  12. Kudowa-Zdrój - why is it worth visiting?
    1. 34. Toy Museum in Kudowa-Zdrój
    2. 35. The Trail of Vanishing Professions in Kudowa-Zdrój
    3. 36. The Moving Nativity Scene in Czermna
    4. 37. The Chapel of Skulls in Czermna - A Unique Attraction of the Kłodzko Land
    5. 38. Sudetic Cottages
  13. Polanica-Zdrój - What You Must See
    1. 39. FunPark Polanica-Zdrój
    2. 40. Polanica-Zdrój Tourist Train
    3. 41. One-Day Trips - Prague, Vienna, Dresden, Rock City
  14. Ząbkowice Śląskie and Kamieniec Ząbkowicki - Tourist Attractions of the Kłodzko Land
    1. 42. The Leaning Tower of Ząbkowice Śląskie
    2. 43. Frankenstein's Laboratory
    3. 44. Castle in Ząbkowice Śląskie
    4. 45. Marianna Oranska's Palace in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki
  15. Municipality of Międzylesie - Discover the Attractions
    1. 46. Międzylesie Castle
  16. Other Attractions of Kłodzko Land and Surroundings
    1. 47. Project Riese - Osówka Underground City
    2. 48. Grodno Castle
    3. 49. Walim Adits
    4. 50. Museum of Silesian House in Ziębice
    5. 51. Museum at the Tunnel
    6. 52. Gottwaldówka Open-Air Museum
    7. 53. Łączna Zoo

Klodzko Valley and Klodzko Land tourist attractions

Klodzko Land is the most diverse region in terms of tourist attractions in Lower Silesia. The number of tourist attractions that await incoming tourists can make your head spin. What attractions are worth visiting in Klodzko Land? Where to spend time on rainy days in an interesting way? Get to know the most interesting tourist attractions of the Klodzko Land - among them caves, forts, mines, castles, palaces, museums, pontoon rafting, rope parks and many others.

Are you going to this region? Check out what attractions you absolutely must visit. We have prepared for you a collection of the most interesting tourist attractions of Klodzko Land and its close vicinity.

Klodzko - get to know the tourist attractions of Klodzko Valley

Kłodzko na Ziemi Kłodzkiej

Klodzko is the true capital of Klodzko Land and is one of the oldest cities in the region. Visitors who come here are captivated by its amazing climate, magnificent architecture and interesting history. The real symbol of the city is Klodzko Fortress, towering over Klodzko, which you have certainly heard a lot about. However, Klodzko is first and foremost an incredibly charming town, which impresses with its historic market square and townhouses. A real showpiece is the Bridge on the Młynówka River, which is often compared to the famous Charles Bridge in Prague. What tourist attractions can you find in Klodzko? We'll also give you a hint when it comes to tourist attractions in Klodzko - you'll find some more interesting suggestions in our Klodzko Article.

1. Klodzko Fortress

Twierdza Kłodzko w Kłodzku

Klodzko Fortress is an extremely interesting object on the list of tourist attractions of Klodzko Land. In Klodzko - the capital of Klodzko Land, tourists have the chance to conquer, among other things, the final point of defense of the fortress. The bastions towering over Klodzko offer a beautiful panorama of the city and mountains. Daredevils can undergo artillery training, and an underground labyrinth awaits the adventurous. What was it used for? You will find out during the tour of Klodzko Fortress.

Opening hours:

- April - September 9:00-18:00

- October 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

- November - March 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

phone: +48 74 867 34 68

2. Museum of Kłodzko Land

muzeum ziemi kłodzkiej

The museum is located in the baroque building of the former Jesuit convent. The institution has collections of Silesian clocks, artistic glass, numismatics, tin, paintings, graphics and drawings, and maps of Klodzko Land, which are presented in permanent or temporary exhibitions. The museum conducts educational, popularization, publishing and research activities. It hosts concerts, exhibitions, lectures, meetings, conferences and scientific sessions.

I. Łukasiewicza 4, 57-300 Kłodzko

tel. 74 867 35 70, 74 867 38 95

3. Museum of RTV PRL UNITRA

Muzeum PRL Kłodzko

In the heart of the city, in the local museum, an unusual exhibition has opened, which takes visitors back in time to the years 1950-1990. The collection of over 300 exhibits is a real treasure trove of memories, guaranteeing a sentimental journey to the past. Every visitor will find something that reminds him of his childhood or youth, reflecting the cultural and technological changes of the past decades.

The exhibition includes a wide range of items, many of which were present in Polish homes in the last century. These include such iconic brands as DIORA, RADMOR, TONSIL, KASPRZAK, FONICA, WZT, and UNIMOR, which played an important role in the daily life and entertainment of many families. These items not only remind us of bygone eras, but also testify to the technological and design developments of the time.

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 2pm

Pl.Chrobrego 10, Klodzko

tel. 602 719 509, 748 673 187

ulotka ziemia klodzka 2024

Attractions near Klodzko

4. pontoon rafting Ski-raft in Ławica

Spływy Pontonowe na Ziemi Kłodzkiej

Shoal? Bardo? If you are traveling in Klodzko Land and are near Klodzko - we have an exceptional tourist attraction for you! For all those who like to spend their free time actively, and at the same time dream of an unforgettable adventure - be sure to go rafting and kayaking down the Bardzki Gorge with the Ski-raft company.

We are sure you will not regret it! This is one of the tourist attractions of the Klodzko Land to which you will constantly want to return. Ski-raft is a world full of adrenaline and good adventure, which guarantees fabulous views and unforgettable experiences.

- Tour time: depending on the chosen route

- Opening hours: 9:00-16:00

tel. 725 300 303

Read also: Ski-Raft pontoon rafting in Shoal - why is it worth it?

5. the Ławica Palace - Cipher Farm & Paintball

pałac ławica atrakcje ziemia kłodzka

Welcome to the Ławica Palace, located in the heart of the Klodzko Valley. Do you like challenges? Are you passionate about mysteries and puzzles? You will discover with us the secrets of Lower Silesia in the Cipher Farm adventure game. For those thirsty for adrenaline, we recommend paintball - an off-road shooting game where everyone will have a chance to lose themselves in the madness. On-site accommodation in the Shoal Palace and glamping.

- Tour time: depending on the chosen route

- Opening hours: 9:00-16:00

tel. 725 300 303

6 The Golden Trout Fishery

Złoty Pstrąg Karczma Łowisko Kłodzko

We invite fishing rod and trout lovers to our "Golden Trout" fishery. An additional attraction is the Amusement Park, with a pirate ship, mini tyrolean, sandbox for the youngest. In the Village Homestead, children will be pleased to have contact with animals. We invite you to visit our Fish Inn and enjoy accommodation in a mountain lodge.

Boguszyn 31 A, 57-300 Klodzko

tel. 78 11 78 227

7. by Electrician in the Land of Klodzko

wypozyczalnia rowerów Kłodzko

Cycling around the Klodzko Land? This is an excellent idea! Now you can rent electric bicycles from us and explore the beauty of the area on two wheels. Upon your return, a delicious lunch of the freshest fish awaits you and a moment of well-deserved relaxation surrounded by nature.

Boguszyn 31 A, 57-300 Klodzko

tel. 78 11 78 227

8. entertainment park MIKILANDIA

mikilandia lewin kłodzki

Lewin Klodzki is a picturesque village located in Lower Silesia Province, Kłodzko County, which attracts tourists with its rich history and charming landscape. While in Lewin Klodzki, especially with the family, it is worth going to the MIKILANDIA Amusement Park.

This is an amusement park that guarantees an unforgettable experience for the whole family. It is a place that offers plenty of attractions and experiences. Numerous attractions await visitors - plenty of inflatables on which you can jump to your heart's content. Tunnels, mini slides, as well as attractions that will cause a slight thrill - Eliminator, Gladiator Arena or Euro Bungee. Everyone will find something for themselves. Children will certainly not be bored! Spending time in the Amusement Park MIKILANDIA is not only fun, but also a form of physical activity.

But that's not all! A giant obstacle course awaits your kids! This is as much as 50 meters of running with obstacles, ending with a jump on a cushion. After such a run, you will certainly need something to eat and drink.... Rest assured, at the MIKILANDIA Amusement Park you will drink cold lemonade, eat delicious ice cream, sweet waffles, and even pizza or fries.

Lewin Klodzki, 10 Obr. Warszawy St.

tel. 517 723 503

Mon-Sat 12:00-20:00 (SUMMER)

More information can be found here:

9. alpakowa Kotlina

alpakowa kotlina

Alpakowa Kotlina located in the picturesque village of Kamieniec k. Klodzko invites you to individual and group walks with Alpacas. We organize family picnics, bonfires and educational outdoor activities. We also conduct Alpacotherapy classes.

Advance reservation of dates necessary

Phone: 504 452 747

Zloty Stok - attractions you must see

Zloty Stok is an urlock mining town whose architectural layout has remained unchanged since the 16th century. It is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Klodzko Land - especially recommended for those who do not like crowds and prefer to explore the region unhurriedly. Zloty Stok hides many unique attractions.

10. Municipal Tourist Route

Złoty Stok

A Municipal Tourist Route has been prepared for tourists here, where they will discover the former prince's mint, a guardhouse founded by Marianna Oranska, a monumental evangelical church and a parish house designed by Ferdinand Martius - the builder of the Kamenets palace.

Historic houses and winding streets hide many secrets. And all this you can discover during a trip on an ecological melex, which was created on the model of a Ford Buick from the early 20th century!

11. observation tower in Zloty Stok

The observation tower is actually the city's newest attraction. It was created from the tower of a former church. It offers a beautiful view of the surroundings - panoramas of mountains and towns, so if you are visiting Zloty Stok this is an attraction you absolutely must put on your list.

The Stronie Slaskie Commune - tourist attractions


The Stronie Slaskie Commune is such a corner of Poland where you can plan a trip at any time of the year, because you will always find something for yourself. The mountainous landscape and natural values of the area are protected under the Śnieżnik Landscape Park. In the spring and autumn season there are excellent conditions for hiking and biking (several hundred kilometers of marked hiking trails, singletrack, bicycle routes). A dense network of rivers and streams, trout fishing grounds, and a lagoon in Stara Morava are additional attractions for warm days.

In winter, numerous cross-country ski trails and well-prepared ski slopes await you. If you are a fan of skiing you have come to the perfect place!

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12. Snieznik lookout tower

Wieża Stronie

The observation tower on Snieznik was opened recently - on September 26, 2022. Its height measures 34 meters, and it was created on a steel structure. From its terrace there is a beautiful panorama of the surrounding mountains and towns. So after conquering Sneznik, climbing the observation tower seems to be a must!


adrenalina park

SLEEVICLE RIDES from Ploszczyna Pass in Nová Morava Attraction for adults and children, which allows you to spend time actively, and the opportunity to ride the original Czech scooter company Kostka. Two routes to choose from 7 and 15 km. After Nowa Morava near Stronie Slaskie.


VII - VIII open daily

V, VI, IX, X from Friday to Sunday

Reservation required in advance


Boleslawow 41a, near Stronie Slaskie

Tel. 534 887 000

14. the Bear Cave in Kletno

Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia w Kletnie

Looking for tourist attractions in the Stronie Slaskie municipality? There is no shortage of amazing tourist attractions here either! One of them is the Bear Cave in Kletno, which is the longest cave in the Sudetes. It is considered the most beautiful cave in our country due to its very rich and well-preserved dripstone. The cave is developed horizontally on three levels. The known length of the halls and corridors is more than 3 km, while the depth is about 60 m.

15. lagoon in Stara Morava

Zalew w Starej Morawie

Ideal places for summer recreation - on the territory of the lagoon there is a swimming area with a sandy beach, camping and camping grounds. For lovers of water frenzy there is also a WakePark and water equipment rental. Tennis courts, a playground and a climbing wall are also available for all guests.

16. Czarna Góra Resort

czarna gora resort

Czarna Góra Resort is a year-round mountain resort located in the picturesque Snieznik massif. The place encourages relaxation and activity 365 days a year. In winter it attracts skiers and snowboarders, while in summer it becomes a real paradise for lovers of trekking, mountain tours and cycling.

Ladek-Zdroj - what is worth seeing?

Ladek-Zdroj is a charming spa town located in Klodzko Land. It is known primarily to patients, but you will also find some interesting tourist attractions in its vicinity.

17. thermal pool in Ladek-Zdrój

Basen termalny Lądek Zdrój

The showpiece of the health resort is "Zdrój Wojciech" - an architectural pearl of Polish and European spas with a thermal pool. The marble circular pool, under the dome of the neo-Baroque building, is filled with blue sulfide-fluoride mineral water from the natural thermal spring "Zdzislaw" with temperatures reaching up to 45°C. The bath relaxes and relaxes, improves the condition of the skin, relieves chronic pain in the joints and spine.

Reservation of places: tel. 74 811 54 74


Address: Marianski Square 13, 57-540 Ladek-Zdroj

18. Alchemical Forge

Kuźnia Alchemiczna w Lądku-Zdroju

The AlchemicalForge is a place where science and magic meet, where you will find: a gallery and store with minerals, jewelry and regional stone products, an exhibition of UV minerals and ornamental stone eggs, an Outdoor Museum of Regional Rocks. For the active: mineral prospecting at the Rock Splitter, gold panning, geological workshops, demonstrations of stone cutting and processing, field game on the geological path to Siniak Mountain.

Kąty Bystrzyckie 14, near Lądek-Zdrój

tel. 74 814 85 62,

19. alpaca Konradów Mini Zoo

Alpaka konradów

We invite you to visit the Mini Zoo in Konradów near Lądek-Zdrój. You will have a unique opportunity to commune with animals - goats, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, and go for an unforgettable walk with alpacas. We also encourage you to take advantage of accommodation in our Agritourism.

April through September:

PN-ND from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

October to March:

SOB-ND from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Konradów 12, Lądek-Zdrój

tel.794 794 770

Bystrzyca Klodzka - discover attractions worth seeing

Bystrzyca Kłodzka

One of the most beautiful towns in Klodzko Land. In addition to the rich history and unique buildings of the town, climatic tourist destinations such as Międzygórze and Długopole-Zdrój, the municipality is becoming a friendly place for cyclists and bicycle tourism. It is about 44 km of singletrack routes in the Śnieżnik massif and the Bystrzyckie Mountains, cycling and walking routes on the revitalized Park Mountain in Bystrzyca Klodzka.

The diverse terrain of the Bystrzyca Klodzka Municipality, creates a wide range of opportunities for the tourist from hiking, biking, Nordic walking, cross-country and downhill trails to mountain climbing.

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20. Filumenistic Museum in Bystrzyca Klodzka

muzeum filumenistyczne

The museum began its activities more than 50 years ago. In its collections it has an interesting collection of items used for not smelling fire, including lighters (electric, gas, gasoline), metal flints, matches from around the world and many other interesting souvenirs.

21. WALISZOW FARM - Family Fun Farm Foundation

family fun farmDiscover the magic of nature in our rural zoo! Immerse yourself in the world of animals, where education is intertwined with the joy of meeting animals. Fascinating stories, combing, stroking and feeding the animals and a bonfire await you. In addition, you can organize a birthday party, class trip or family picnic with us. Visiting hours are unlimited. Ask about programs for groups, call and book now!

Stary Waliszów 51

57-500 Bystrzyca Klodzka

tel. 696-635-445

More information can be found HERE

22. Gorzanow Palace

palac gorzanow

Gorzanów Palace is unique in Central Europe. Built in the 16th century in Renaissance style, it was expanded in the 17th century in Baroque style. The interiors feature several thousand square meters of restored polychromes and frescoes. Baroque pearls are the carved Sala Terrena, the Chapel and the Nymphaeum. The Palace also has an 18th-century Theater. Set in a romantic park, the whole place can be visited with a guide, who tells the remarkable story of the palace's inhabitants.

Podzamcze 8, 57-521 Gorzanów

tel. 517 091 278

Radkow - tourist attractions of Klodzko Land

Radków na Ziemi Kłodzkiej

Radkow is another interesting tourist destination on the map of Klodzko Land. The town is located only 25 km from the region's capital Klodzko. However, the entire municipality of Radkow is worth mentioning here, which is primarily known for such natural attractions as Szczeliniec Wielki and Błędne Skały. However, we are sure that you will find many amazing places worth visiting during your travels in Klodzko Land. If you want to learn more about the Radkow municipality and its attractions, drop by our Radkow article.

23. Suszyna Viewing Tower

Wieża Widokowa Suszynka

There is an observation tower in the village of Suszynka, from where you can admire the Table Mountains, the Śnieżnik Massif, the Broumov Walls, St. Anne's Mountain, the Bardzkie Mountains, the Orlickie Mountains, the Owl Mountains and the Golden Mountains. The Suszynka tower stands at an elevation of 469 meters above sea level and its height reaches 27 meters. To get to the specially prepared viewing platform, which is located on the 22 meter of the tower, you have 140 stairs to climb.

24. Radkov Lagoon

Zalew Radkowski

This is right after Szczeliniec Wielki or Błędne Skały, the most famous tourist attraction of the Radków municipality. In the summer it is a place besieged not only by locals but also by tourists from all over Poland. Radkow lagoon is a great place to cool off from the hot sun, relax and experience a moment of relaxation. On the territory of the lagoon you will find the Recreation Center and in it accommodation and water equipment rental.

25. Viewing Terrace on Guzowata Mountain

Taras widokowy na górze Guzowata

The observation deck on Guzowata Mountain is an interesting vantage point, which we recommend to every tourist to visit! It is located near Radkovsky Lagoon at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. It can be reached on foot, on bicycles and by car - so this place is accessible to every tourist. In addition to the modern infrastructure, the most impressive are the views, which extend to the Table Mountains, Radkov Lagoon and the Broumov Walls.

26. Skansen Wambierzyce

skansen wambierzyce

Skansen Wambierzyce - a return to the roots, if you are a history enthusiast or a tourist looking for an unusual place to spend time with the whole family, visit us. We have a household museum with countless relics of the past, an additional attraction for children is a mini zoo where you can see, among other things, freely walking nutria, a playground for children and a souvenir store on site.

Wambierzyce, ul.Wiejska 52

tel. 889 818 112

27. Dinosaur Park in Karlow

park dinozaurów karłów

The highest located Dinosaur Park in Poland, at the foot of Szczeliniec Wielki in the Table Mountains. A unique place for big and small, where you will discover giant models of dinosaurs and spend unforgettable moments on the playground. Mountain scenery and good fun! There is a Dino Bar on site with snacks, as well as a souvenir store.

Open from April to November:

9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily

57-353 Karlow

tel. 691 320 118

28. Szczeliniec Wielki

szczeliniec wielki

Szczeliniec Wielki is the most popular peak in the Kłodzko region, thousands of tourists visit it every year - and no wonder. The climb to the top is by stairs and does not take long, also it is accessible to people of all ages. At the top there is a Shelter, where every tourist can eat something good or drink coffee. However, the fun begins later.... when we discover the majestic rock labyrinths and beautiful views.

Nowa Ruda - get to know the tourist attractions of Klodzko Land

Wieża na Gorze sw Anny Nowa Ruda

The Nowa Ruda municipality is located in the northwestern part of Klodzko County, in the valley of the Wlodzica and Woliborka rivers, between the Owl Mountains and the Wlodzicka Hills. The city's terraced layout, varied terrain, interestingly intersecting streets, numerous bridges and viaducts make it an attractive landscape and tourist destination.

The highest elevation is All Saints' Mountain at 648 meters above sea level, and the city has for years been called "the land of red sandstone, located on seven terraces." What will most delight tourists in Nowa Ruda? First of all, the shape, the diversity of the surrounding landscape and the possibility of many forms of tourism. Eager to discover another tourist attraction of the Klodzko Land? Then read on!

29. Former Nowa Ruda Mine

Dawna Kopalnia Nowa Ruda

We arrive in Nowa Ruda, a mountain town that surprises at every turn! Are you eager to discover its history, magic and non-obviousness? Get to know one of Nowa Ruda's biggest tourist attractions - the Former Nowa Ruda Mine.

The mission of this place is simple - it shows the hardship of mining work to multitudes of tourists. A magical journey through a labyrinth of dark underground corridors amidst adits and mining machinery, makes it a great place to visit and spend leisure time with family and a group of friends. The former Nowa Ruda Mine is one of the most visited places on the map of tourist attractions in Klodzko Land.

4 Obozowa St., 57-401 Nowa Ruda

tel./fax +48 74 872 79 11

The Stoszowice Commune - or Srebrna Góra and its attractions

The Stoszowice Commune is a place known primarily for Srebrna Góra. It is home to the most famous architectural structure not only in Klodzko Land but also in Lower Silesia. For years the building has been the pride of the locals and attracts a whole lot of tourists every year. However, the Stoszowice municipality is also famous for its local products. In the village of Lutomierz, tourists can visit the Lutomier Cheese from the Owl Mountains, where, in addition to enjoying great cheeses, they can take part in cheese-making workshops, visit the farm and store in the local store.

30. Silver Mountain Fortress

Twierdza Srebrna Góra

We continue our journey by discovering the tourist attractions of Klodzko Land and its surroundings. We reach Srebrna Gora, where there is a unique attraction - the Srebrna Gόra Fortress. It is a unique object in the scale of cultural heritage of Europe and one of the most important attractions of Lower Silesia. The Srebrna Gόra Fortress is in fact not a single structure, but a whole complex of forts rising above the town.

Indeed, the fortress consists of as many as six forts and several bastions. Its main core is formed by a set of bastions with the Donjon in the center. During their stay, visitors have the opportunity to meet a soldier guide, who presents the history and curiosities of the Fortress in an interesting way.

tel. 74 818 00 99


31. Lutomiersk Cheese from the Owl Mountains

Sery Lutomierskie z Gór Sowich

This journey will be interesting, fragrant, and above all, tasty. The place we want to introduce to you is extraordinary. In Lutomierz, a tiny village near Srebrna Góra and Ząbkowice Śląskie, there is an Educational Farm. Ms. Malwina, along with her mother Stanisława Paternak, have created a spot that attracts lovers of cheese and regional products from Lower Silesia.

In addition to a shop with regional products, there are also cheese-making workshops available for children, youth, and entire families. As part of the activities, tourists can tour the farm, and even enjoy breakfast at the farmer’s house. Interestingly, on every third Sunday of the month, a Healthy Food Fair Directly from the Farmer is held here, attended by residents of many nearby cities, including Wrocław, Świdnica, and Wałbrzych.

Lutomierz 29, 57-213 Stoszowice Phone: 661 783 435

Duszniki-Zdrój – Discover tourist attractions worth visiting

We arrive at Duszniki-Zdrój – a charming town in the Kłodzko Land. Of course, here too, you will find tourist attractions that you must visit. One such attraction is the Paper Mill, which is a significant highlight in the region of the Kłodzko Land. Above all, we recommend taking a walk around the town to fully get to know it and discover its amazing atmosphere. During your walk, don’t forget to visit the market square, where the town hall and beautiful burgher houses are located.

32. The Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój

Muzeum Papiernictwa w Dusznikach-Zdrój

The traditions of papermaking in Duszniki date back to the mid-16th century. The first paper mill was destroyed in 1601 by a flood, but the mill was rebuilt, and paper production resumed in 1605. The sheets from Duszniki gained fame throughout Silesia – they were used in offices, chancelleries, and printing houses in Wrocław and other cities and towns across the region. In the 18th century, after Silesia was taken over by Prussia, Dusznik paper made its way to the court in Berlin, and the mill owner earned the title of court papermaker to the King of Prussia. Income from paper sales was invested in the paper mill, which became one of the most interesting industrial sites in Europe.

The beautifully restored Dusznik paper mill is now one of the most valuable architectural gems of the region. The operating Museum of Papermaking presents proud industrial traditions but also offers a unique adventure. Visitors can view antique papermaking equipment, machine models, examples of banknotes from various eras, and collections of sheets with watermarks. Visitors can also make their own sheet of paper, which will serve as a souvenir from their visit to Duszniki-Zdrój.

Opening hours: May-Aug: Mon-Sat 9:00-18:00, Sun 9:00-16:00 Sept-Oct: Mon-Sat 9:00-17:00, Sun 9:00-16:00 Nov-Apr: Tue-Sun 9:00-15:00 (during holidays as in May-Aug) ul. Kłodzka 42, 57-340 Duszniki-Zdrój Phone: 74 862 74 00

33. Zieleniec Sport Arena

zieleniec sport arena

Zieleniec Sport Arena is located between two mountain ranges: the Bystrzyckie Mountains and the Orlickie Mountains. The center is one of the largest ski facilities in Poland. 31 lifts and cableways allow access to 23 kilometers of varied and wide trails. The skiing infrastructure is complemented by schools and equipment rental services, as well as a rich base of lodging and dining options.

ul. Zieleniec, 57-340 Duszniki Zdrój

More information can be found at:

Kudowa-Zdrój - why is it worth visiting?

Kudowa-Zdrój miasto na Ziemi Kłodzkiej

Kudowa-Zdrój is one of the most famous spa and tourist towns, located in the western part of the Kłodzko Land. Due to the spa nature of this town and numerous tourist attractions, the season here lasts all year round. In addition to walks in the green surroundings and mild microclimate, we recommend a few more attractions that you must visit.

34. Toy Museum in Kudowa-Zdrój

Muzeum Zabawek Kudowa-Zdrój

A magical place for children and their parents. Adults who still feel young at heart will also find something for themselves here. A substantial collection of toys from the past will enlighten the younger generation and remind the older one how children used to play before the era of computers.

The museum was established in 2002. Spread over an area of nearly 400m2, it houses the largest toy exhibition in Poland. The collection includes several thousand unique specimens. The museum's collections feature home theaters, handmade Christmas nativity scenes, dolls, tin toys, boy's military toys, wooden blocks, plush animals, self-playing musical instruments, and much more. In this miniature world, nearly all forms of European toy-making from antiquity to the 1980s can be found.

It is worth learning the history of toys, as they have always reflected the culture and traditions of their times.

Open daily May - September from 9:00 to 18:00 October - April from 10:00 to 17:00 ul. Zdrojowa 46b, 57-350 Kudowa Zdrój Phone: 74 866 49 70, 691 408 713

35. The Trail of Vanishing Professions in Kudowa-Zdrój

Szlak Ginących Zawodów w Kudowie-Zdrój

A place where time stands still for both adults and children. It offers an incredible journey into the past and an opportunity to learn about professions that are either extinct or soon will be. The ongoing automation and technological advancements mean that many formerly popular professions no longer have a place in the modern world. However, an open-air museum like the Trail of Vanishing Professions helps ensure they are not completely forgotten.

In the pottery workshop, visitors can see with their own eyes how clay vessels are made. Those interested can also try their hand at making one. Meanwhile, in the house of bread, visitors can learn about traditional methods of flour production and see a real bread oven in action. In the cottage of handicrafts and old household equipment, visitors have the chance to view everyday objects from the past.

The forge is always a popular attraction, where one can see how items like horseshoes were made from pieces of iron. Tourists also have the opportunity to enter a Koźlak-type windmill from 1902 and visit a small zoo featuring both less and more exotic animal species.

Open daily ul. Chrobrego 43a, 57-350 Kudowa Zdrój Phone: 667 959 799 200 meters from the Chapel of Skulls

36. The Moving Nativity Scene in Czermna

Ruchoma Szopka w Czermnej

The Moving Nativity Scene is a creation by Frantisek Stepan, who began sculpting his masterpiece at just 15 years old. After twenty years of diligent work, he completed over 250 figurines that are manually operated to make up the nativity scene. The figurines depict scenes from the life of shepherds, townspeople, and the birth of Jesus Christ.

37. The Chapel of Skulls in Czermna - A Unique Attraction of the Kłodzko Land

kaplica czaszek czermna

One of the most unusual and simultaneously fascinating places to visit in the Kłodzko Land is the Chapel of Skulls in Czermna. This site harbors a dark, yet incredibly interesting history that brings us closer to the lives of people from the past.

The Chapel of Skulls in Czermna, located in the district of Kudowa Zdrój, was built between 1776 and 1784 by the Czech-born priest Wacław Tomaszek. Inside, it houses over 3,000 meticulously arranged skulls and bones from victims of wars and epidemics, such as the Thirty Years' War. This unique site serves as a living memorial to those who have passed away, symbolizing the transience and fragility of human life.

Inside the chapel, numerous exhibits can be admired, including a skull with a bullet mark from the Seven Years' War and bones of people with unusual proportions. This unique church of skulls near the Czech border attracts both tourists and historians from around the world.

38. Sudetic Cottages

Sudeckie Chaty Kudowa-Zdrój

If you're looking for the perfect place to relax in nature, the Sudetic Cottages in the picturesque resort of Kudowa-Zdrój are an excellent choice. Located next to the Spa Park, they offer not only peace and relaxation but also countless opportunities to explore the charms of the region.

Kudowa-Zdrój, known for its picturesque landscape and therapeutic waters, has long attracted tourists seeking both relaxation and active recreation. The Sudetic Cottages provide an excellent base for exploring these attractions, offering comfortable accommodation in harmony with nature.

Families with children will find numerous attractions that will make their stay enjoyable for the youngest. The availability of playgrounds, educational trails, and nature programs ensures that every day spent in the Sudetic Cottages will be full of adventures and new experiences.

ul. Kościuszki 10 57-350 Kudowa Zdrój Phone: 48 512 514 804

Polanica-Zdrój - What You Must See

Polanica-Zdrój Ziemia Kłodzka

Polanica-Zdrój is a spa town often chosen by tourists in the Lower Silesia region. It is famous for its mild climate and rich mineral springs, attracting both spa guests and those looking for a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. To all visitors coming to Polanica, we recommend visiting the local spa park. You will surely be delighted by the abundance of colors and the variety of colorful flowers. If you are looking for tourist attractions in Polanica-Zdrój, we have prepared something special for you.

39. FunPark Polanica-Zdrój

FunPark Polanica-Zdrój

In Polanica, a place has been created especially for your little ones. FunPark is synonymous with smiles and great fun outdoors. We offer 14 amazing attractions: giant inflatables, a zip line, an elaborate tower playground, as well as sandpits and paddling pools with boats for younger children. All these sweetened by delicious waffles and ice cream, and aromatic coffee for the parents and guardians.

Polanica-Zdrój, ul. Kłodzka 14 (near the center) Open: Monday - Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00 Phone: 511 161 075

40. Polanica-Zdrój Tourist Train

kolejka polanica zdrój

For several years, the charming “Polanica Express” has been cruising the streets of the spa town. This train, styled after a 19th-century steam locomotive, accommodates 40 people in two radio-equipped carriages. A train ride is an excellent idea for seeing the city from a different perspective, especially helpful for people with disabilities and the elderly.


  • July-August: daily from 11:00-17:00
  • April, May, June, September, October: Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-17:00

Parkowa 13 - CHESS PARK, 57-320 Polanica-Zdrój

41. One-Day Trips - Prague, Vienna, Dresden, Rock City

wycieczki polanica

Join us for one-day trips to: Prague, Vienna, Dresden, Macocha Cave, Adrspach Rock City. Tour guided excursions.

Departures from: Kłodzko, Polanica, Duszniki, and Kudowa.

ul. Parkowa 9 57-320 Polanica-Zdrój Phone: +48 601 518 601

Ząbkowice Śląskie and Kamieniec Ząbkowicki - Tourist Attractions of the Kłodzko Land

Ząbkowice Śląskie is a city rich in history, attracting tourists with attractions such as the Leaning Tower, picturesque ruins, and the neo-Gothic Town Hall. Additionally, in Ząbkowice, you can learn more about the dark history of the plague and grave robbers from the times of Frankenstein. In the vicinity of Ząbkowice, there are also other interesting places to explore such as the Palace of Marianna Orańska or the historic gold mine. Kamieniec Ząbkowicki, though smaller, also hides many attractions and is the perfect place for those seeking charming corners of Lower Silesia.

42. The Leaning Tower of Ząbkowice Śląskie

Krzywa Wieża w Ząbkowicach Śląskich

The medieval Leaning Tower is one of the greatest tourist curiosities of Lower Silesia. The tower stands 34m high – it is the tallest leaning tower in Poland! Climbing its 139 steps, you can view Ząbkowice Śląskie and its surroundings from the top – the panorama is unforgettable. Its past is mysterious, and its history unexplained. To this day, it is not certain when exactly the Leaning Tower was built, for what purpose it was constructed, or why it leans. The Leaning Tower holds a mystery and a legend that everyone should discover.

What’s in the tour program? In the Leaning Tower, there is an exhibition: "Medieval torture chamber and dungeon starvation cell". Additionally, each visitor can take a photo in the stocks. The origins of the leaning tower are unknown today due to a lack of written sources. Several German researchers have claimed that the tower is a remnant of a pre-location castle (a so-called Bergfried). This castle is said to have been erected by the Dukes of Świdnica and destroyed by troops fighting with the Czech King George of Poděbrady.

Open daily: from 9:30 to 17:30

ul. Krzywa 1, 57-200 Ząbkowice Śląskie

Phone: +48 74 815 20 43

43. Frankenstein's Laboratory

Ząbkowice Śląskie atrakcje dla dzieci

Ząbkowice Śląskie is known not only as the city of the Leaning Tower but also as Frankenstein. Why Frankenstein? Firstly, because from the Middle Ages until 1946, Ząbkowice Śląskie was named Frankenstein. Secondly, the town's history is linked with Dr. Frankenstein himself. Discover his story in the dark laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein!

Open daily from 9:30 to 17:30

ul. Krzywa 1,

57-200 Ząbkowice Śląskie

Phone: +48 74 815 20 43

44. Castle in Ząbkowice Śląskie

zamek ząbkowice

The Castle in Ząbkowice Śląskie boasts 700 years of rich history. Its defensive character is evidenced by still-visible bastions, a parapet protecting guard positions, and gun slots. The castle's history is complex, as it has changed hands over the years and has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. It is now open for visitors.

Open daily: from 9:30 to 17:30

Regional Souvenir Chamber

ul. Krzywa 1, 57-200 Ząbkowice Śląskie

Phone: +48 74 815 20 43

45. Marianna Oranska's Palace in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki

Pałac Marianny Orańskiej w Kamieńcu Ząbkowickim

Marianna Oranska's Palace, along with its surrounding park, was established in the 19th century. After years, it has again become a highlight of the Kamieniec Ząbkowicki community. It is a true architectural gem on a European scale. The palace impresses with its grand form, size, and richness of architectural solutions.

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00 (entry every hour) Last entry at 17:00, from May to September at 18:00 For ticket reservations, tour organization, and additional information, please contact the Tourist Information Point: Phone: 74 637 01 67 Email:

Municipality of Międzylesie - Discover the Attractions


The Municipality of Międzylesie is a charming mountainous region in the south of Kłodzko Land. This picturesque corner offers tourists climatic conditions as clear as crystal, pristine mountain air, immaculate water in rivers and mountain streams, and most importantly, peace essential for relaxation!

46. Międzylesie Castle

Zamek w Międzylesiu

Międzylesie Castle is one of the oldest and largest castle-palace complexes in Poland. The earliest mentions of the fortified castle date back to the 9th century when the area belonged to Czech rulers. Successive owners expanded the Castle – to this day, the medieval tower, a Renaissance wing, and two palace wings maintained in Baroque style have been preserved.

Currently, the Baroque wing houses a restaurant, a boutique hotel, and conference rooms. Additionally, there is an art gallery, concerts, and art plein airs are organized. Daily guided tours are available (during which visitors can see, among others, a sgraffito from 1580, tiled stoves, a ballroom, a ceremonial staircase, a built-in cloister, and much more). Night tours "with ghosts" can also be arranged by phone.

Plac Wolności 1 57-530 Międzylesie Phone: 74 8126 347

Other Attractions of Kłodzko Land and Surroundings

Kłodzko Land is a gem of southwestern Poland, captivating not only with its charm but also with a wealth of attractions. But not only the heart of Kłodzko Land harbors countless treasures. Traveling through these lands, it is worth looking beyond the borders of the Kłodzko Basin itself and be enchanted by its surroundings as well. It's a real feast for the spirit of every nature lover, historian, and architecture enthusiast.

47. Project Riese - Osówka Underground City

Podziemne Miasto Osówka

One of the most mysterious places in Lower Silesia. Its purpose is unclear; it could have been a secret headquarters for Adolf Hitler or halls for underground armament factories producing secret weapons. It is known that work on this complex began in 1943. It consists of a vast system of concrete corridors, fortifications, and halls, which are now open to tourists.

48. Grodno Castle

Zamek Grodno

Grodno Castle is located in Zagórze Śląski on Choina Mountain at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. Grodno Castle boasts over 700 years of history. The beginnings of the medieval fortress at this location date back to the times of the Piast Dynasty of Silesia. By the end of the 16th century, the castle was transformed into a Renaissance residence. Today, Grodno Castle is one of the most important and best-preserved fortresses in Lower Silesia. In the castle, we can see many of the preserved medieval walls as well as some of the surviving Renaissance rooms, and the view from the castle tower is among the most beautiful in the area.

Castle Hill, 58-321 Zagórze Śląski Phone: 74 845 33 60 Email:

49. Walim Adits

Sztolnie Walimskie

The Walim Adits, known as the "Rzeczka" complex, are one of the seven "Riese" complexes built by the Germans during World War II in the Owl Mountains. The construction of the "Riese" complex was one of the largest military investments of the Third Reich, which was never completed. "Riese" has long ignited the minds of adventure seekers and historians. The Walim Adits are a complex now open for exploration. We invite all lovers of history and underground attractions!

ul. 3 Maja 26, 58-320 Walim Phone: 74 84 57 300 Email:

50. Museum of Silesian House in Ziębice

muzeum domu slaskiego

The Museum of Silesian House in Ziębice showcases its rich and diverse collections across 10 permanent exhibitions. Here, you can discover how our ancestors lived! You can view both former bourgeois household appliances and collections of artistic crafts and Silesian art. The exhibition has arranged old household rooms such as a kitchen, a Biedermeier bourgeois parlor, a Baroque study, and a bourgeois salon from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries dedicated to artists Marta and Joseph Langer. The museum conducts educational sessions on a variety of themes.

51. Museum at the Tunnel

muzeum przy tunelu

The Museum at the Tunnel in Świerki is dedicated to the memory of Mieczysław Bojko, an explorer, history enthusiast, and collector. It is located near the tunnels under Świerkowa Kopa. The museum was created thanks to the collecting passion and artistic flair of Mieczysław Bojko and Nadia Makuchowska. The Museum at the Tunnel is a "sentimental journey to the past." It houses cultural goods and various types of memorabilia.

Świerki 101 Phone: 889 785 337

52. Gottwaldówka Open-Air Museum

skansen gottwaldowka

The historic "Gottwaldówka" farmstead is an example of regional architecture and the 19th-century material culture of Kłodzko village. The entire agricultural complex, which includes a residential house, barn, stable, and carriage house—all equipped with exhibits collected over the years—is open for tourists. The open-air museum hosts thematic exhibitions related to the region. Bread baking takes place every Saturday.

Open from April to October Kąty Bystrzyckie 23 57-540 Lądek Zdrój Phone: 74 814 78 02, 74 814 80 45

53. Łączna Zoo

zoo łączna

You don't need to be in Madagascar or Africa to interact with wild animals. Here, everything is within reach! You can touch, feed, and meet over 100 species of animals, including polar wolves, lynxes, lemurs, and many others. We invite you to the World of Lemurs at Łączna Zoo. Experience an unforgettable adventure!

Łączna 25 58-350 Mieroszów Phone: 665 148 038

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